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Home-care Video Support Program

Step-by-step preparation & recovery practices you can do from home when breast-cancer related surgery is in your world.  Get immediate guidance no matter which stage of your healing journey you are on

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Hands-on Massage Therapy

Whether you are going through breast cancer, Trans gender-affirming top surgery or getting elective/cosmetic breast surgery, getting hands-on help can make an enormous difference to your recovery journey. 

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Yoga for Breast Surgery

Learn simple moves that target lines of tension, pain and weakness common to breast surgery recovery.  Classes are suitable for all levels and have lymphadema-prevention modifications built into every class.  Suitable for 3 months + past your surgery date 

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Home-care Support Programs for Patients 

4-part video series to move from Surviving to Thriving. Virtual yoga tailored specifically for post-breast surgery rehabilitation. 


Our trusted video programs help you know exactly what to do and when to properly and safely care for yourself at home before and after breast surgery. 

The Complete Home-care Video Series supports each stage of your healing journey

When your world has turned upside down, self-care can be a liferaft.  Doing it regularly can provide a rhythm of stability, provide hope amidst despair, and transformation from survivor to thriver. 

Please note: The home-care programs below are primarily aimed at women getting breast surgery, whether from breast cancer or elective breast surgeries. 

In time, we will create a program specifically for Transgender people as well! You are more than welcome to use this program for now, as it is still pertinent to your journey, just know language reflects a female population. 

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What people are saying

Extensive Knowledge

" I would recommend Eryn's to anyone who wants to benefit from her extensive knowledge of breast health and general wellness.".  - J.C.

Commitment to Aiding Women

"Eryn has gone beyond, to study women and breast health, and we are so very fortunate to have a gem like her, committed to aiding women". - L.C.

Healing on Multiple Levels

"Eryn is talented at connecting the psycho-social supports to physical healing supports, she is able to connect our physical healing to daily life, longer term outcomes, and the realities of our new bodies".  - M.T-R.

Want to learn more about each individual Part?

Scroll down for Individual Parts of the 4-part series below



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Part 1 - Preparing for Surgery

Get yourself set up for the best possible outcome, so you can avoid complications and rejection of the surgery 

$58 CAD

8 How-to Videos 

There are practical components to take care of before your surgery for yourself and your family, so you can relax and convalesce afterwards.  The best time to do this is while you still have use of your arms.


What you will learn in Part 1:

  • How to prepare your kitchen cupboards, fridge & foods prior to surgery + 2 great resources for recipes to support cancer patients
  • How to make your own no-cost drainage pouch in 3 easy steps, useful to hold long post-op drain tubes and bulbs so they don't get tangled or pulled
  • Making your convalescing area in your home welcoming, soothing and supportive, where you will rest when first home from hospital
  • What to expect ahead, so you know what pitfalls to avoid and how self-care can help you overcome them
  • Pre-op self-massage to prepare your body, mind & soul, improving circulation, detoxifying and making peace with your breasts before your surgery


After surgery your arms are not as mobile for 1 - 6 weeks.  This can be challenging if you're not prepared.  

Taking 4 - 14 days prior to your surgery to get ready can make all the difference to a successful outcome. 


Program Sample: 

Why we are getting you ready prior to your surgery in Part 1

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Part 2 - Regain Your Mobility in the First 4 Weeks

Take away that question of "What now?".  Often hospitals only give a minimum of information on how to regain your movement - this program fills in the gaps


$68 CAD

7 How-to videos 

Guiding your progress from "no arm movement" to "full arm movement" using smart, step-by-step progressions that don't compromise your surgical sites.


What you learn in Part 2:

  • 3 types of meditation appropriate for beginners to decrease stress, start detoxification, circulation and harness the healing power of your mind
  • Isometric exercises for muscle, nerve and circulation activation without stressing new stitches or pulling bandages awry
  • Safe movement progressions to start 3 - 7 days after your surgery, from both within bed and around the house
  • Gentle early-stage yoga routine to restore full arm movement without triggering lymphedema


These exercises are appropriate from the first day home from hospital, can be done from both in bed and around the house, instilling a sense of confidence and security in your new body.  Easiest to execute if you've done Part 1 first. 


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Part 3 - Self-massage for Breast Surgery Patients

Build trust and safety in your body again after breast cancer surgery, no matter how long ago it was


$78 CAD

9 How-to videos 

Self-massage allows you to truly get in touch with your body, connecting it with your mind and your new  sense of self, so you no longer feel like you have a stranger living in your body. 


What you will learn in Part 3:

  • General principles of massage, so you know how to enter and leave each massage safely, without bruising or pain
  • Normal surgical side effects, and how you can tell them apart from complications
  • 3 strokes to promote good circulation, from large general to small specific areas
  • Simple lymphatic drainage techniques that increase the rate of lymph flow
  • Reducing stubborn scar tissue along breast, around nipples and in underarm region
  • Stimulating nerve firing to improve signalling from brain to body and back again
  • 20 minute self-massage recipe that puts all lessons together for long-term maintenance routine


You can reduce long-term pain, soften stubborn scar tissue, promote healthy circulation and normalize the changes in your body, especially important if your new chest comes from a traumatic event like breast cancer.  

Self-massage an be safely done from home once 4 weeks have passed from your surgical date, especially if you've done Part 2 first. 

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Part 4 - Stretch & Strengthen for Excellent Posture

Learn to feel proud and comfortable in your new body, so you can stand upright with minimal discomfort


$68 CAD

7 How-to videos 

 After breast surgery, which can lead to a default posture of curling inwards across the chest, you may need additional support to be able to stand effortlessly upright.


What you will learn in Part 4: 

  • Exercises for neck that promote mobility and strength so your head can sit aligned over your trunk
  • Back exercises from seated and standing to provide a strong counter-force to a tight chest
  • Chest building and releasing moves using bands and free weights for an open proud chest
  • Shoulder flexibility and strength-building techniques with bands and free weights, so you can move in multiple directions with confidence 
  • Core activation exercises for a stable midsection, leading to upright posture, and protection from low-back pain. 
  • 30 minute stretch/strengthen routine for ongoing maintenance + additional exercises to swap in and out for interest and variety. 


Strategic stretching and strengthening can cultivate a balanced and sustainable body position with which to conduct everyday life. 

Don't let common restriction patterns compromise your wellbeing after breast surgery.  Nurture a strong, balanced posture that says you are proud of yourself and what you've been through. 

This program can be safely done from 10 - 12 weeks post-op, especially if you've been following Parts 2 & 3 first.


Program Sample:

Why cultivating excellent posture is good for you 


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What people are saying

Strategic Improvements

"Her proactive strategies set me up to get through the stressful times and move steadily forward to the better ones".  - K.S.

Better Outcomes

"In just a few sessions, this self-massage is making the world of difference in my pain levels, day to day functioning, and mental wellness". - M. T-R.

Return to Life

"Truly helped me gain mobility in a timely manner after my mastectomy,and empowered me to return to exercise and life".  - L.

Yoga for Breast Surgery 

On Demand Video Vault for 3 months+ after breast surgery

$28/month CAD


By cultivating a strong relationship with your new body through yoga for breast surgery, you can overcome common restriction and weakness patterns, feel more comfortable in your skin and take charge of your health for the long-term.


In the Yoga Vault, you can:

  • Find classes based on body area, goal, length of time
  • Do new classes added monthly 
  • Get your first 2 weeks free
  • Cancel anytime, no penalties


Build strength, flexibility, balance and mindful awareness of your body/mind through easy to follow exercises targeted to post-breast surgery recovery and lymphedema prevention. 

Classes suitable for beginners. No downward dogs, planks or heavy arm holds involved.  Moves are simple and instructions are easy to follow.


Yoga sample:

Join us for a simple 40 min yoga class to release tight shoulders and arms with floor stretches.  Can be done sitting in a chair if that's more comfortable.

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This simple breathing technique allows you to come back to the present moment. 

If anxiety and fear are taking you over, reducing the stress response provides space to make good decisions, as well as increase comfort in your body and mind. 

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