Massage Therapy and Yoga for Breast Surgery Preparation and Recovery

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Registered Massage Therapy

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Whether you are going through breast cancer, deciding to resize/reshape your breasts or celebrating gender affirming top surgery, help and support is here for you. 

Hands-on massage therapy can help with pre- & post-breast surgery by:

  • Reducing post-surgical swelling & bruising around breasts, abdomen and drain sites
  • Reducing pain and tenderness to breasts, chest, shoulders, arms, abdomen, neck
  • Releasing painful chording in arms, axilla, breast and abdomen
  • Improving Lymphedema in upper limbs, lower limbs & abdomen
  • Managing scar tissue from initial and revision surgeries
  • Improving circulation, wellbeing & vitality
  • Helping implants & expanders sit more comfortably on your chest
  • Reducing "Iron Bra" & Post-mastectomy pain syndrome
  • Increasing mind-body connection
  • Decreasing tension, stress, fatigue
  • Improving shoulder, neck and chest mobility
  • Normalizing the changes made to a sensitive area of your body

You can also receive help for:

  • Chemotherapy-induced aches, pains, tightness, neuropathy, sluggish digestion & brain fog
  • Releasing tight fibrotic tissues from radiation
  • Tummy tuck, facelift and liposuction recovery


Types of Breast Surgery We Treat:

Breast cancer:

  • Lumpectomy
  • Mastectomy
  • Expanders
  • Skin sparing mastectomy
  • DIEP
  • TRAM Flap
  • Lats Flap
  • SGAP & TUG Flap
  • Previvors
  • Revision surgeries


Transgender Top Surgery:

  • Trans mastectomy (body masculinizing surgery)
  • Trans breast augmentations (body feminizing surgery)


Elective surgery:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Breast lift (mastopexy)
  • Breast reduction (mammoplasty)


If your type of breast surgery is not on the list, don't worry, we will still treat you! Please reach out to let us know more about your surgery. 


All treatments done in the Oasis Studio - Naramata, BC, Canada

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Mastectomy Yoga



Overcome chronic tightness, weakness and movement restriction with our very gentle yoga class targeted for breast surgery and cancer support.

This beginner-friendly class offers clear instruction in simple language that is easy to follow. Live virtual classes allow you to practice from the comfort of home, no matter where you live.

Our main focus is overcoming common restriction patterns resulting from breast surgery and cancer treatments, that also incorporates full body stretching and strengthening

Classes are taught live, membership opens our Yoga Library Vault where on-demand classes are accessed.


Live Class Schedule:

Mastectomy Stretch: Tuesdays 10:30 am (40 mins)

Mastectomy Yoga & Meditation: Thursdays 12:00 pm (60 mins)

*all classes are PST

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