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Transform Your Massage Practice and Support Those Going Through Breast and Chest Surgery

Are you looking for a way to take your massage practice to the next level? Our comprehensive 3-level training program will help you do just that.

You'll learn evidence-informed and mindful massage techniques to support people going through breast cancer, gender affirming top surgery and elective breast surgery.

Our program will help you save your body with effective light-touch techniques, while transforming your massage practice and making a difference in the lives of those you serve.

Come join us and let's make a difference together!

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Learn in-person or online

You want to learn and better your massage therapy practice, no matter where you live in the world.  Our courses are designed for people who like to be in the room to learn, as well as those who like to learn from home. 

Evidence-informed courses

You want to know your course information is sound and backed by science, so you can feel confident that you are working with the most up-to-date information and techniques 

Get vital hands-on practice

You build confidence by doing and getting your hands working, so our courses are designed to provide both theory AND hands-on practice, no matter if you are learning in-person or online.

Join a like-minded community of intelligent, heart-centred therapists

Meet Your Instructor

Eryn Price RMT has been working in the healing arts for almost 25 years, and has far exceeded her "10,000 hours" of hands-on contact with breast and chest surgery patients.

She is absolutely passionate about bringing resources to people who have previously been "invisible' in society. 

As Founder of The Mastectomy Guide, a modern purpose-driven business with a social and ethical conscience, she's now able to touch lives far and wide of both patients and therapists alike, which brings her great joy and satisfaction.

What are you going to learn in this training program?

Our comprehensive massage therapy training for breast & chest surgery will teach you key skills to understand how to offer therapeutic breast massage, post-surgical rehab and how to work with post-op complications.

We value interactive and experiential learning, so you not only learn valuable theory but also get an experience in your body, group discussions plus hands-on skills, for true mind-body learning.

We have one program divided into 3 levels.  Each level is built upon the last, so by the time you've completed all 3 levels you will have gained a "3D" understanding of:

  • The big picture of breast and chest surgery in North America
  • The physical, mental/emotional and spiritual state of many breast/chest surgery patients
  • How to give an ethical and professional therapeutic breast massage
  • 18 different types of breast/chest surgery, including breast cancer, trans/non-binary gender-affirming top surgery and elective breast surgery
  • Stages of healing their body goes through, and what techniques are appropriate for you to use at each stage
  • The top 10 post-op complications and what you can and cannot safely work with 
  • Evidence-informed massage therapy best practices, with the latest research into techniques, surgical procedures and stages of healing
  • Combining intuition and mindfulness for true human-centric care
  • Inclusivity and diversity in action as you support people going through major life transitions
post mastectomy expander
post-mastectomy expander
post mastectomy scar, post mastectomy drain
post mastectomy scar
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What people are saying

"The most fascinating course I've ever taken"

"Everyone should take this course! It's principles reach beyond breast surgery and breast massage. It's even boosted my confidence in treating other surgeries and scars" - K.S. 

"Very impressed with Eryn’s teaching"

"She addressed different styles of learning and looked after the students well being. The course felt very heart centred" - B.R.

"Material is so organized and so pleasing to work through".

"I’ve taken other courses and this certainly sits at the top when it comes to seeing your passion, professionalism, research and organization. Thank you so much, Eryn and team!" - S.S.

Transform your practice in 6 days!

Learn foundational principles for sustainable massage therapy treatments that are applicable to a wide range of clientele.

In our program you will learn how to:

  • Give effective light-touch treatments that are pleasant to both give and receive
  • Build confidence working in sensitive areas
  • Understand how to harness both the "art & science" of massage therapy for exceptional treatments
  • Learn charting, assessment and treatment for breasts and chests
  • Get connected with a global community of like-minded therapists
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The Nuts n' Bolts

One Program; 3 Levels

We know as a massage therapist that time away from your treatment room means time away from your earning potential.  Therefore, you need to maximize your time and investment!

For this reason, we STRONGLY recommended registering for the full suite of programs, so you are able to get the complete training in one condensed effort, and you can get back to doing what you love in a new way!

Increase Inspiration.  Boost Motivation.  Practice Sustainably. Be supported YEAR ROUND.



May 31/June 1

What You Are Going To Learn

  • How to give an ethical therapeutic breast massage
  • Anatomy for breasts and chest
  • Getting informed consent
  • Assessments, including taking therapeutic images
  • Charting, including intake, treatment
  • Language for treating sensitive areas
  • Proper draping for patient safety
  • Professional boundaries
  • Circulatory techniques for breast health
  • Myofascial release to overcome adhesions and restrictive tissues
  • Stretching to promote chest openness and flexibility 

Level 1

June 3/4

What You Are Going To Learn

  • 18 different types of breast and chest surgery, which include:
  • 13 breast cancer surgeries
  • 3 elective breast surgeries
  • 2 transgender/non-binary gender-affirming top surgeries
  • The difference between a DIEP and TRAM flap
  • How best to treat a Lats flap
  • The difference between a breast lift and breast reduction
  • Joint mobilizations for ribs and clavicle
  • Scar tissue treatment for breasts and abdomen
  • Treatments within the biopyschosocial spiritual model of care

Level 2

June 6/7

What You Are Going To Learn

  • The top 10 post-op complications
  • What you can and cannot treat using mindful massage therapy
  • Breast-cancer related lymphedema and how to do preventative care
  • Chording and how it relates to the lymphatic system
  • Breast capsular contracture and how to reduce it
  • Necrosis and what you can and cannot do with it
  • Breast implant illness and how to manage it
  • The difference between hematomas and seromas
  • Iron Bra Syndrome and how you can reduce it

Normally $1883 CAD

54 hours of in-person training in Vancouver BC, executed over 6 days*

Get both theory and hands-on practice in a supportive and enriched learning environment

Invest in your personal and professional development for one intensive week and save $400!

Pay just $1483 CAD today! 

*Each course is 2 days, with a day off in between each level for rest and integration, so total time of the intensive is over 8 days

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Want bite-size learning?

You may only be able to invest 2 days of professional development, but are still interested to learn! No worries, we've got you covered.

This year, you'll be able to take each course individually, so click on the tile below to learn more and register.

In future years, this option may not be present, so if you think this is for you, take advantage now!

*Please note: Foundations is a prerequisite for Level 1.  If you are MG Alumni and have already taken Level 1, you can sign up for Level 2!