Accredited Training You Can Trust

Knowing how to help your patients is critical, and knowing where to get your training from is even more so. 

Learn from one of BC's leading mastectomy & breast surgery massage therapy experts, so you can feel confident you are bringing your best to your patients.

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Evidence-informed Practices

Feel confident you are learning skills and techniques that blend the art of massage with the science of research, to provide a safe and effective holistic healing experience to your patients.

New Income Stream

Forget referring your breast cancer & breast surgery patients out to other practitioners.  Instead, generate a new income stream for your practice by learning skills that will keep your patients in-house.

Supporting Under-serviced People

Become a valuable and trusted member of your patient's team, as you help them navigate a truly impactful journey through breast cancer, breast surgery & Transgender top surgery.

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Join Our Network of Highly Trained Heart-centred Professionals 

Become one of the people truly making a difference in people's lives, and connect with fellow therapists as passionate about meaningful work as you are.

Fully Accredited Training

Get valuable continuing education credits from your governing body to help maintain your registered massage therapist status. 

BC RMTs can get 14 PE credits from the CMTBC for both Cycles 12 & 13, and become certified "Mastectomy Guide Healthcare Professionals", no matter if you're learning online or in-person.

CE Course Offerings

Level 1

$468 - $558 CAD

Special Introductory Prices for 2021

  • Learn 18 types of breast surgery, including breast cancer, reshaping/sizing and Transgender top surgery
  • Know the difference between expanders and implants, why they are used & how you can help
  • Develop critical thinking skills towards treating breast surgery patients at different stages of healing & how you can help them both at home and in your treatment room
  • Review Tandem Home-care program & receive special pricing (48% off) on 14-week structured program with which to work with patients between appointments
  • Introduction to language, consents and human-centric care when treating sensitive areas
  • Move beyond theory - gain valuable hands-on practice time treating real breasts, and participate in instructor-led demonstrations
  • Introduction to scar tissue pathology and techniques
  • Learn evidence-informed research relating to breast surgery and massage therapy 


Bonus Webinar! 

  • Introduction to risks & complications after breast surgery, including lymphedema & chording 
  • Get comfortable with integrative cancer care by learning how massage therapy supports chemo & radiation in your breast cancer patients
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Maximum credits, minimum time

If you are a BC RMT, you are likely very busy and have to maximize your return on time and investment. 

Power pack your weekend to gain an in-depth learning intensive with optional lifestyle add-ons (see below for more info).

Level 1 course offers 14 PE from the CMTBC, earning you a Level 1 Certification in the Mastectomy Guide for Healthcare Professionals path. 

PLUS: Get special access to virtual tandem home-care program reviewed and approved by surgeons!

BONUS! 16-week outline of expected recovery for AROM, ADLs & return to function for each category of breast surgery!


Expand your practice:

  • Feel educated when talking to new or existing patients about their breast surgery
  • Become a more mindful, inspired and meaning-filled professional
  • Provide genuine service to people going through major life transitions


Multiple options for learning:

  • In-person weekend retreats
  • Live virtual retreats you can do from anywhere
  • Engage in 5 learning styles (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, social and written)


What you need to know:

  • Courses are jam-packed with information, so come rested with an open mind ready to learn
  • Both in-person and webinar retreats are same info, same credits (14 PE) 
  • Active participation is encouraged, passive learning is minimized
  • Classes run from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm Sat/Sun
  • CE credits valid for both Cycles 12 & 13 in BC
  • All times listed are PST


Lifestyle Add-on:

  • Morning Yoga: Learn yoga specific to breast surgery patients so you can educate your patients as you also wake your body in a nourishing way (8:00 am -8:50 am Sat/Sun)


2021 Dates:

  • Sept. 18/19 - Naramata 
  • Oct. 23/24 - Victoria  
  • Oct. 30/31 - Vancouver 
  • Nov. 13/14 - Webinar 1 
  • Nov. 27/28 - Webinar 2 


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Get additional education and security

Get lifetime access to our 7-hour 4-part video series outlining a step-by-step home-care practice for your patients, reviewed and approved by surgeons.

Feel secure in your recommended home-care plan between appointments, as you teach patients how to both prepare and recover from breast surgery using proven self-care techniques delivered in 22 "How-to" videos. 

For additional savings, attend our Level 1 course and get 48% off video program!

Tandem Program ~ Homecare + therapy = Success


Bundled price saves you $50 on the 4-part Series!

  • Feel confident you are recommending patient home-care practices reviewed and approved by surgeons for both regaining mobility and living with chronic effects of breast surgery
  • Improve your language and communication skills by modelling clear empathetic and professional delivery style shown in videos
  • Learn step-by-step self-care practices to both prepare and recover from breast surgery for 14 weeks and beyond
  • Follow structured format for a clear 14-week tandem program of treatment + home-care, which leads to success for both patients and therapists alike
  • Extend your home-care education in the Level 1 course with lifetime access to 4-part video program at special low price reserved just for retreat participants (must be present at weekend course to receive special offer)