Comprehensive Intensive

2 weekends, 6 days, massive learning in a short period of time for people who like to get'er done. 

What you'll get:

  • 3 level program designed to take you through all steps needed for ethical and professional treatment of breast/chest surgery patients.
  • Hands-on practice with two practice people of your choice, who comes to your place at a specified time during the course for hands-on practice*
  • Live & video demonstrations of treatment techniques
  • Digital student handbook that is writable online. *Option to choose the printed student handbook upgrade and get it shipped to you!
  • Meet and connect with people from all over for broad community bonds
  • Tactile learning tools for embodied learning
  • 5 learning styles honoured in every course (visual, auditory, written, kinaesthetic, social)
  • 48 hours of training taught live over 6 days from the comfort of your own home
  • Certificate upon completion 

*PLEASE NOTE: you are responsible for finding practice bodies to work with.  MG takes no responsibility for finding you practice people to work with. It is ideal for the first weekend to have a healthy breast massage person, and for the second weekend to have a person who has had breast/chest surgery at some point in their past.  No acute/subacute cases permitted, only people more than 6 months past their surgery date allowed as practice people. 

2 monthly payments of $900 + gst = $1890 CAD each

Your payment information will be stored on a secure server for future purchases

PLEASE READ IN ENTIRETY PRIOR TO PURCHASING, so you know what you are signing on for.  This agreement is legal and binding, and will be upheld by The Mastectomy Guide (MG) to the best of our ability. 



At the end of the course participants who have completed the entire course will receive an authentic MG Certificate in the mail.  Participants must complete the entire course in one sitting in order to qualify for receiving the certificate.  


Cancellations by course participants up until 6 weeks prior to course start are allowed with full refund. Between 5-6 weeks, 75% refund.  Between 4-5 weeks 50% refund.  No refund within 4 weeks of course.  No exceptions outside of major unforeseen emergencies (except Covid-19 or other illness) that prevent participants from attending.  Must apply for exception and be approved by MG before acceptance.  All refunds are subject to a $50 admin fee. 


Course cancellations on behalf of the provider due to exceptional circumstances will result in credit to future courses that are only valid for 1 calendar year, after that credits are forfeit, no exceptions, with no refunds. 


No refunds due to catching Covid-19 or other sickness that does not allow participants to attend the course. If such an illness occurs, participants may apply for a credit to a future course but will be additionally charged 50% of course fee to do the make-up course. Please see below for more details. Credit must be approved by MG and used within one year, or participants forfeits course fee in entirety. 


In-person courses unable to happen due to Covid-19, forest fires or other "Acts of God/States of the World" that do not allow in-person events to go on will instead get a virtual retreat.  Signing up for In-person retreats carry a level of risk for both providers and participants, because payment is made up front for an event in the future, in a world where the future is uncertain and adapting/pivoting is highly necessary.  We will make every effort to perform in-person course in person, but if it is beyond our capability to do so, we will instead service the course virtually, and return excess fees after event fees have been charged out, on an equitable basis amongst all participants (ie - $100 difference less portion of venue and staff/ accommodation/travel related fees). 


All course fees must be paid in full by the day prior to course start or participation will not be allowed to participate, with no refunds or credits available.


Transferring from one course to another is permitted up to 14 days prior to the course date, if space allows and it is a similar course duration (ie: 1 day course in April may transfer to the same 1-day course in September of the same year), and requires a two-step process of canceling original purchase and repurchasing the new course. Therefore all course cancellations and changes incur a $50 admin fee, no exceptions.


If there is a cost differential between the two courses, payment must be made by the customer to match the cost of the course they are transferring into prior to being admitted to the new course.



Participants who "no show" for the course forfeit their course fee, no refunds are available.


Participants who miss the course due to personal illness or a genuine family emergency can retake the entire course once, subject to availability, for an additional 50% fee. This redo fee is valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which the original course was scheduled. If a participant completes only one day of a two-day workshop, they can attend the second day once, subject to availability, for an additional 25% fee. This offer is also valid for the remainder of the calendar year in which the original course was scheduled.


If space does not permit participation in the subsequent course, participants forfeit their original course fee with no refunds.