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Delivery of 4-part series is the fundamentals of this agreement.  Results of practices may vary from individual to individual, and although program is approved by surgeons as effective, no guarantee is made for efficacy of exercises. No refunds given if results are different than expected, as delivery of program constitutes entirety of service agreement. 

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Complete Home-care Support Program for Breast Surgery Patients

Get complete rehabilitation support to significantly improve healing outcomes of pain, active range of motion, strength and postural alignment in your breast surgery patients, using effective home-care practices between appointments. 


What you'll get:

  • Complete 4-part series of The Mastectomy Guide, outlining "tips & tricks" for effective step-by-step rehabilitation after breast surgery
  • Part 1: Preparing for your Mastectomy - gives "house hacks" for preparing kitchen, bedroom as well as body/mind prior to surgery while patient still has use of arms, helps reduce overwhelm and anxiety prior to surgery
  • Part 2: Regain Mobility in the First 4 Weeks - guides patients through smart movement progressions appropriate from first days home from hospital when bedridden, all the way to 4 weeks post-surgery, where full movement of shoulders is safely cultivated. Program finishes with a safe early-stage yoga routine for on-going maintenance.  Promotes confidence and mobility in body/mind
  • Part 3: Self-breast Massage - guides patients through principles of massage, potential complications self-massage may avert plus 5 techniques appropriate for beginners, culminating in a 20 minute self-massage routine for on-going maintenance.  Cultivates self-love and helps overcome chronic pain, scar tissue, body dysmorphia
  • Part 4: Stretch & Strengthen for Excellent Posture - guides patients through simple yet effective warm up, strengthening and stretching exercises for neck, back, shoulders, chest and core. Culminates in 30 min stretch/strengthen routine for on-going maintenance.  Helps patients overcome common restrictive postural patterns post-surgery
  • Opportunity to model effective language for addressing sensitive areas in caring, mindful, professional manner
  • 30 videos total, 7.5 hours viewing time. 
  • Lifetime access to program, so you can refer to it again and again

*Practices based on general recovery guidelines.  Please use discretion and critical thinking to modify content as needed for individual patients.