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You can start rehab as soon as you get home from hospital

As long as you are doing strategic moves, you're healing will move so much faster.

Watch this video on how our guidance will help you feel confident and safe as you start to move your arms again. 


Research has shown doing progressive movements is the best thing for safe breast surgery recovery

McNeally et.al. (2012) showed that ensuring optimal functioning in the early post-op period is critical to overall recovery from breast cancer surgery.

This means that starting early with smart progressive movement is essential for restoring smooth movement in your body, beginning first with your mind before moving on to your body.. 


What happens if you don't move your arms early on, or your move them too much?


It can be tricky to know the right balance of movement for optimal recovery.  If you don't move enough you can get Frozen Shoulder, where the joint capsule of your shoulder tightens up so much you are unable to lift your arm.  If you move too much you are at risk of developing excessive bleeding under the skin (hematoma) or pockets of fluid that bulge outwards and cause pressure under the skin (seroma).

Our program will guide you in a smooth step-by-step fashion through movement progressions you can do from in bed to around your house, right from when you get home from hospital. 

What people are saying

"Return to Life"

"This program truly helped me gain mobility in a timely manner after my mastectomy, and empowered me to return to exercise and life".  - L.R.

"Made me feel safe"

"I was scared of tearing stitches and didn't feel safe in my body, but these videos showed me what to do so I felt safe to move again" - R.T.

"Gave me hope"

"I felt lost and overwhelmed with how to get moving again but after watching these videos and implementing them every day I now have hope that I'll be able to get back to a life I love in a body I can live with. Thank you so much!!" - S.M.

What are you going to learn in Part 2: Regaining Your Mobility in the First 4 Weeks?

You will learn 5 simple lessons that will help you re-establish healthy movement in your arms, abdomen and legs.

We start with preparing your mind and nervous system before tackling your body, so you've got a strategic "on ramp" to build towards full movement.

You can start this program in the first few days after being home from hospital.


Here's what you are going to learn:


Lesson 1: The Power of Meditation

  • You will learn 3 simple meditations to get your mind activated towards relaxation, stress relief and healing.  This sets the stage for your body understanding you are on a healing journey, and that it needs to work with you for best results.


Lesson 2: Isometrics

  • These are exercises that stimulate the nerves and blood vessels that feed your muscles, so you can send progressive signals to your body that you're going to want it to move soon, but not yet. This makes these exercises safe to do in the very early stages. 


Lesson 3: Progressive movements in bed

  • Here you will start ultra gentle movements in your arms, legs and abdomen so you can get moving safely from the comfort of your bed (or couch, if that's where you're choosing to convalesce).


Lesson 4: Progressive movements out of bed

  • Now it is time to get yourself out of bed (or off the couch) so you can start doing progressive movements around the house, using walls, counters and floors to help you.


Lesson 5: Early stage yoga stretch routine

  • To wrap it all up you will learn a simple yoga stretch routine you can do from chair or floor, with movements that are safe for early-stage healing.  This is a routine that you can continue for the next few months, until you are ready for the Yoga Library.


We are here to support you! 

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Program Sample

Lesson 3: Progressive movements in bed


You don't have to do this alone

Going through a breast cancer diagnosis can be very isolating and terrifying.  It can make you feel like you're out of step with the rest of the world.  You can have the experience of having other people in your corner though, who understand what you're going through, and that you're not alone in this.  Help is here, take advantage of that.

Step-by-step process

At a time when you are learning about a whole new world, feeling under extreme mental and physical duress, having to make huge decisions with very little information, why not make it as easy as possible on yourself and follow a step-by-step method of breast surgery preparation that's been proven to help get you ready? 

Approved by surgeons

This video program has been reviewed by surgeons and given their stamp of approval.  They say it is full of useful information that is providing hope and direction but that they don't have time to give you themselves.  So it's information you can trust, and works in harmony with what your surgeons are wanting you to do. 


Part 1: Preparing for Breast Surgery

$78 CAD


  • Know exactly how to move for the safest, smoothest recovery from breast surgery
  • 8 easy video lessons to follow so you know how to get your movement back within the first month
  • Journal pages and mandala colouring pages so you can stave off boredom and get in touch with yourself
  • Reminder cards and affirmations to put up around you for self-empowerment and hope
  • Get the "next steps" so you know what to do once the program is done
  • Lifetime access to this self-paced program so you can do it on your own time and never have to worry about it disappearing 
  • One low payment for surgeon-approved information so you can feel confident you are getting quality care
  • Medically sound guidance that research has shown to be valid


We are here to support you! 

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What people are saying

"Quicker than expected"

"I was skeptical at first but realized quickly that I was actually getting better and I found after doing this program I recovered more quickly than I expected" - G.J.

"Game changer"

"I'd heard horror stories about my friend's recovery after breast cancer surgery and thought that would happen to me too, but this program changed all that so I actually had a comparatively easy time after my lumpectomy" - S.S.

"I felt connected"

"I watched this program even when I didn't need it anymore because it helped me feel connected to people who understood what I was going through, so I didn't feel so alone anymore.  Thank you for providing guidance when I couldn't find it anywhere else" - A.L.

Human-centric care backed by science

Our "MG Approach" to breast care stands firm in balancing the "art & science" of massage therapy and yoga