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Tea and Tatas

Year round course support for MG Alumni, to help you integrate your certification course material

Join Our MG Community Gatherings!

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Themed community meet-ups to connect, collaborate and get inspired!

Our signature courses are intense and full-to-the-brim with valuable information, and sometimes this needs extra support to be able to integrate.

Included in your certification course fee is built-in monthly support, so you can ask questions about challenging cases, discuss the monthly theme and how it relates to your massage therapy practice, create connections with fellow MG'ers so you can build a wide referral and support network.

Being a massage therapist can be a lonely business

Often it's just us in a room with one other person, with little chance at professional networking, community support or a chance to discuss our craft with others who understand what we are talking about.

These gatherings are designed to help you feel a part of a larger group of like-minded and heart-centred therapists intent on improving the world around them!