Wondering how to recover well after breast surgery?

Whether you've had a mastectomy, lumpectomy, gender reassignment surgery, or straight up breast augmentation, lift or reduction, a little self-care goes a long way!

Get your questions answered, feel safe and secure you know what you are doing at a critical time in your healing journey. 


Getting Through the First 6 Weeks

Simple Self-care to Ease the Way

$148 CAD

Stabilizing a very uncertain time


With these preparation and recovery exercises, you can:

  • Find stability within a very overwhelming time
  • Be taught exactly what to do and when to both prepare and recovery from your breast surgery in the easiest way possible
  • Find the answers you are looking for about what's in store for you
  • 2 hours 44 mins video time devoted to your wellbeing
  • 14 "How-to" videos outlining a step-by-step process for breast surgery preparation and recovery
  • Lifetime access - watch as many times as you want!
  • Self-paced program - easy steps fit it in to your schedule when you can

*Pro tip: upgrade to include the live coaching package for extra support and guidance


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Living With a Mastectomy

Self-care to Support Your Ongoing Healing

$338 CAD

Simple tools that make a big difference

Did your surgeon tell you to massage your breasts after surgery, and you had no idea what to do? Here's your answer.

  • Step-by-step guidance on post-surgical breast massage even a beginner can do
  • Safe stretching & strengthening exercises for overcoming weakness and tightness that you can do at home
  • Simple repeatable tools to heal now and into the future, so your journey is easier and clearer
  • 4 hours 50 mins video time
  • 16 "how-to" videos with step-by-step guidance on self-care tailored specifically to post-mastectomy healing
  • Tried & true practices approved by surgeons for post-mastectomy healing
  • Lifetime access to program - watch as many times as you like!
  • Self-paced program for maximum flexibility

*Pro tip: upgrade to include the live coaching package for extra support and guidance

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Approved by surgeons

Practices to keep surgical sites safe keep surgeons happy

Tailor exercises to your surgical procedure

Recognition of standard healing times, with customizable flexibility for your situation

Working together to improve your wellness and quality of life 

Catered to 5 learning styles

Visual (videos) 

Auditory (audio recordings)

Writing (reflective writing) 

Kinaesthetic (physical practices) 

Creative Expression (colouring, drawing, scrap-booking) 

Customizable start/finish times

Tailor program to your specific surgical date

Enrolment open 24/7 off website

Lifetime access to program

Maximum flexibility to get the whole program or just the part that's right for you now