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Discover essential questions to ask your doctor and gain confidence in navigating your early breast cancer diagnosis. Get ready to face your diagnosis with clarity and preparedness.

Your Breast Cancer Preparedness Pack covers 5 essential categories to ask your doctor about, breaking each category down into helpful questions you can discuss during your doctor's appointment, so you feel more prepared and informed about where you are at now, and what is coming up in your near future.

The 5 Essential Categories are:

  1. What type of cancer is it?
  2. Where is it located?
  3. Other influencing factors to cancer developing
  4. What type of medical treatments you may have
  5. What type of surgery you may have


You may wish to create a binder that will contain all your useful information, including the downloadable PDFs in your Preparedness pack, as well as medical reports and upcoming tests. 

Remember: We are here for you through all the stages of your breast cancer journey, from the start until years later. 

Get Your FREE Breast Cancer Preparedness Pack Now