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Noticing and Cultivating Silver Linings Through Very Challenging Times

Personal growth is possible through intensive personal situations like breast cancer and breast surgery.   Finding those silver linings can make the difference in your mindset between hopelessness and possibility.  

Yoga After Breast Surgery

Join Eryn Price RMT, YT & Kathy White Yoga for an enlightened conversation about yoga poses after breast surgery, so you know what's safe to do, and what to stay away from.

Simple techniques for promoting healthy breasts

Self-massage releases toxins from your breasts, helps you connect in with yourself and promotes mind-body healing.  Whether you have an upcoming surgery, or just want to take better care of your girls, listen to this interview on the UK Health Radio - the world's largest health-dedicated radio show in the world - for practical tools you can apply right away.

Small Regular Acts of Care Towards Yourself Can Make All The Difference

Join Eryn Price RMT & JJ Conway of the Healing My Sisters Summit to listen to how regular self-care can open the way for positive personal growth through trauma and beyond

Optimize Your Physical & Business Wellbeing

Simple tools for physical wellbeing, and finding your tribe to serve your ideal demographic

Finding the Gold in Your Breast Cancer Journey

Join Eryn Price RMT & JJ Stenhouse of the UK Health Radio show to listen to how self-care can open doors for positive personal growth through breast cancer and beyond

Resilience & Adaptation

Whether you are struggling with health issues or an entrepreneur in today's market, learning to adapt & pivot is essential