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Our Big MG Goal

To fill the gap in breast and top surgery rehabilitation services.

Provide a trained massage therapists in every town across North America.
Affordable patient self-care programs no matter where you live.

We believe massage therapy and yoga are specially suited to provide healing for body-mind-soul after breast and top surgery, and are passionate about getting evidence-informed resources out there to help everyone who needs them. 

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We are a values-based business that is female-led and founded

MG is an outgrowth of the Founder's registered massage therapy practice in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, where she quickly came to realize the stunning lack of rehab resources for breast cancer patients going through breast surgery.

Over the years, she came to see that same lack was present for people getting trans & non-binary top surgery, as well as elective breast surgeries.

Thinking this was an unacceptable void in the world, Eryn Price RMT set about creating the company that would provide education and self-care support for breast and top surgery rehab, so people could both help others, and help themselves through the impactful breast and top surgery process.

Just over a year old now, we have 8 signature programs and two membership options for both patients and professionals. 

We believe in collaboration, community and co-creating beautiful experiences together

Higher learning, whether for the lay person navigating the impactful breast and top surgery process, or a professional massage therapist, is essential for personal and professional growth.

When we do it together, we are stronger, happier and more fulfilled. 

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Meet the Founder of MG

Eryn Price RMT has been a professional healer for over 24 years, and she's even more passionate about it now than when she started!

Having started self-care herself at the age of 12, she now considers herself an "encyclopedia" of self-care tools, and is really happy to be passing them along to both patients and Professionals.

Plus, as an artist, mystic, creative, athlete and pretty smart gal all around, Eryn brings a unique approach to business, healing and community.

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