Mission: To fill the gap in breast and chest surgery rehabilitation across North America and beyond.



Who are we?

The Mastectomy Guide (MG) is a new female-led business with heart and a social conscience.

In everything we do, we try to improve the world around us, and bring much-needed recognition and resources to the people and places that need them most.

We are a values-based business that believes business can be a force for good.  A portion of our monthly proceeds goes towards supporting worthy organizations and people, because generosity means everyone gets what they need not only to survive, but to thrive.

MG Vision

We want to spread a heart-centred network of trained massage therapists into every town in North America, so that no breast and chest surgery patient has to go without resources and can access caring people who understand what they are going through. 

We also want to empower patients to take charge of their own health and wellbeing through self-care practices designed to bring healing to body-mind-soul both before and after breast and chest surgery, re-establishing a sense of choice, agency and autonomy over their own bodies. 

MG Values

1. Education: MG believes education can provide resources and open doors to people who once only found walls, bridging the gap from where they are now to where they want to be.

2. Authenticity: MG recognizes where people are at and provides support from an authentic desire to serve and improve the world around us. All marketing, education and courses revolve around this value of authenticity.

3. Health: MG holds holistic health and lifestyle practices as a central tenet that all courses & events revolve around, because good health is vital for quality of life, and it can be significantly influenced by positive health practices.

4. Personal Growth: MG provides opportunities for personal and professional growth in all its offerings, because evolution is essential for overcoming trauma, difficulty, fear and pain.

5. Community: MG creates a heart-centred network of highly trained professionals to support patients and fellow MTs because research has shown a supportive community is one of the foundational tenets of resiliency and wellbeing.

6. Leadership: MG takes a leadership role in recognition, awareness and education of breast surgery rehabilitation, as well as providing a new Canadian legacy of women's, Trans & non-binary support and education.

7. Generosity: MG believes that we are richer together, so provides giving-back initiatives like scholarships and bursaries, sponsorship of female health initiatives, cancer research and environmental clean up initiatives to make a healthy planet for everyone to live on.

8. Quality: MG provides quality communication, education and support that is trustworthy, reliable and effective and prescribes to the “quality over quantity” approach to all efforts.


9. Inclusivity: MG believes that by welcoming all genuine seekers of knowledge, health and care we are stronger together.


10. Diversity: MG believes humanity is a mosaic of people, nature values diversity and so should we.  We welcome people of all races, nationalities, orientations, sizes, shapes and more. 

Businesses and organizations MG supports


Curious who started The Mastectomy Guide? 

Eryn Price has been a healer for over 20 years, and definitely heard the call to provide more support to breast and chest surgery patients through her registered massage therapy practice. 

As a progressive person, Eryn believes deeply in modern business practices that position business as force for positive change in the world, not only for customers, staff and humanity at large, but also the environment and this beautiful biosphere we are all a part of.

Aspiring to create a global business that uplifts everyone it touches, Eryn is profoundly grateful for everyone who is also hearing the call to step up to the plate to improve the world around us. 

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