MG Retreats bring heart & soul

Check out these pics of our community and classes, see if you can find yourself in them!

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MG Retreats are designed to foster higher learning, camaraderie and community connections 

You might be wondering, "Retreat? Did I miss something? I thought you did certification courses...." And you would be correct. 

We treat our certification courses like retreats, because we want you to get out of your everyday brain for a while, have a meaningful getaway that leaves you feeling like you've had an experience, and sets you up well to advance your clinical practice.

Whether you are learning online, or in-person, your presence is vital and appreciated!

Without you, we would just have a good idea rattling around in our heads, but not much more.

With you, however, we have a thriving community full of people who care about helping others through very challenging situations, people we can count on and who make our hearts sing,

Together we are people who are taking this dream of providing resources, where once there were little to none, and turning it into a reality with energy, action and care.  

In-Person Retreats

Below is just small sampling of some in-person retreats during our certification courses.  Come make some memories with us by joining us in a future retreat!

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Browse Programs

MG Class Pics!

YOU are what makes this community possible! Let's celebrate you! 

Class pics below are in order of newest to oldest, scroll down to see your MG Cohort! 

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