We Are Stronger Together


Social support has shown to be a critical factor in longevity and health, as evidenced in the "Blue Zones", which have the longest-living people on the planet.

An 11-year study on women with breast cancer showed there's a 75% decrease risk of recurrence with community and stress management (Dr. V., 2023). 

When you are connected with others of a like-mind, you can grow both personally and professionally, in an environment that welcomes diversity, education and care!

Professionals Facebook Group

Join our Mastectomy Guide for Healthcare Professionals group to connect with like-minded massage therapists across North America, and promote your professional longevity.

Our heart-centred network of professionals is dedicated to improving the world around them by supporting breast and top surgery patients to heal body-mind-spirit.

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MG Alumni Course Support

Join our Tea & Tatas events to integrate all your course material from our MG Professionals training series, and receive year-round support.

You'll meet other like-minded therapists in an intimate virtual group, so you can talk and get to know each other, discuss cases and get referrals.


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Patient Support

Join our Breast Connection events to connect with like-minded people from around the world, all interested in self-care through breast care.

Get cutting-edge knowledge, safe share circles and a chance to learn new ways to care for yourself, using breast care as a doorway into self-love.

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