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What is Chording (Axillary Web Syndrome) and How Can Massage Therapy Help?

I remember a patient I had years ago who presented with significant chording down her right arm after her second breast cancer surgery.  She didn’t complain about it, of course, as it was not in her nature to make a fuss over anything.  But she did mention she’s got these...

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What is the fastest way to heal from a mastectomy? 8 ways to speed your healing recovery

You may be wondering just how and what you can do to heal from a mastectomy, in the fastest, safest way.

There are two methods that make the greatest difference:

1. Self-care after a mastectomy

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to participate in your own healing.  You do this...

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I’m too busy for self-care but I can fit this in

Quick and easy self-care to show yourself daily love

It can be hard to spend time and energy on yourself, especially as a woman in this modern age.  We are usually so focused on family, work, friends, home and finances that we can easily loose sight of ourselves and our health.  But as...

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