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As a therapist, what if you're intimidated by your patient's issues? 3 methods for successfully working with breast surgery patients


When we, as therapists, have patients who present with issues that intimidate us, how do we handle it?

It can be really hard and the immediate response may be to refer them on to someone who can help them better than we think we can ourselves.  And often, this is a responsible...

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What is the fastest way to heal from a mastectomy? 8 ways to speed your healing recovery

You may be wondering just how and what you can do to heal from a mastectomy, in the fastest, safest way.

There are two methods that make the greatest difference:

1. Self-care after a mastectomy

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to participate in your own healing.  You do this...

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Mastectomy massage - luxury or necessity?

If you have an upcoming mastectomy surgery, or you've already had it and are wondering what you can do to help yourself heal, this article is for you!

Take a look at the pictures below and decide for yourself how "necessary" massage is:


Little to no post-mastectomy massage:


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