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Understanding Scar Tissue Healing: The Role of Mindfulness and Massage

Scar tissue healing is a complex process that requires a delicate balance of knowledge, skill, and intuition. In recent years, the power of mindfulness has emerged as a valuable tool in enhancing scar tissue healing outcomes.

By cultivating a deep sense of presence and awareness, massage...

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As a therapist, what if you're intimidated by your patient's issues? 3 methods for successfully working with breast surgery patients


When we, as therapists, have patients who present with issues that intimidate us, how do we handle it?

It can be really hard and the immediate response may be to refer them on to someone who can help them better than we think we can ourselves.  And often, this is a responsible...

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Will a massage "undo" all the work your surgeons have done for your mastectomy? How to know when it is safe to put yourself in someone else's hands

It can be scary trusting another person with your most painful parts! I get it.  You need to know you are helping yourself by going for a massage after your mastectomy, not making things worse.  

A question I get a lot with new patients is, "How soon after my surgery can I come in for...

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