Elevate Your Practice: Massage Therapy for Breast, Chest and Oncology Patients

  • Support women's health, trans health
  • Be supported to develop and implement new skills 
  • Help fill the gap in the healthcare industry
  • Find more meaningful, sustainable work


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Transform Your Practice in Just 6 Months!

Discover the foundational principles of sustainable massage therapy treatments tailored to support women's and trans health.

In our 6-month Mentorship and Training Academy, you'll gain expertise in:

  • Therapeutic breast massage for post-surgical rehab and oncology support
  • Assisting clients during chemotherapy and radiation treatments to provide safe and effective sessions
  • Distinguishing between contraindications and precautions for real patient scenarios, and adapting your treatments accordingly
  • Delivering gentle, hand-saving treatments that maximize patient comfort
  • Advancing women's and trans health through progressive massage therapy practices
  • Understanding the profound impact of breast and chest surgeries on your clients and guiding them on their healing journey
  • Mastering the use of sensitive language for treating delicate areas, fostering confidence, safety, and trust with your patients
  • Balancing the 'art & science' of massage therapy to become an exceptional therapist
  • Effective charting, assessment, and ethical treatment techniques for breast and chest massage
  • Joining a thriving global community of like-minded therapists
  • Cultivating professional relationships with doctors and surgeons for referrals and seamless communication
  • Crafting compelling marketing materials to attract new breast patients to your practice

What people are saying

"The most fascinating course I've ever taken"

"Everyone should take this course! It's principles reach beyond breast surgery and breast massage. It's even boosted my confidence in treating other surgeries and scars" - K.S. 

"Very impressed with Eryn’s teaching"

"She addressed different styles of learning and looked after the students well being. The course felt very heart centred" - B.R.

"Material is so organized and so pleasing to work through".

"I’ve taken other courses and this certainly sits at the top when it comes to seeing your passion, professionalism, research and organization. Thank you so much, Eryn and team!" - S.S.

Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Eryn 😃🦋

I've been working in the healing arts for almost 25 years, and got my "10,000 hours" of hands-on contact with breast and chest surgery patients years ago, so I'm now helping other people get their hands-on to this very unique and beautiful population.

I'm super passionate about bringing resources to people who have previously been "invisible' in society. Breasts have been very taboo to treat for most of modern history, and they're feeling the lack of care.  We need to change that!!

As Founder of The Mastectomy Guide, I now teach and guide therapists towards reaching new potentials in their practice, being able to help a new clientele, get new breast and chest patients into their practice and developing relationships with surgeons and doctors. 

Supporting women's health and trans health is so important, so they feel validated, seen and heard, and are having their needs met by caring individuals.

I also help patients know what they can do at home to prepare for and recover from breast surgery, usually due to breast cancer but also elective breast surgery. 

~ Eryn Price RMT

The Core Curriculum

In our Comprehensive Breast and Chest Surgery Training, the cornerstone of our Mentorship and Training Academy, you will receive expert guidance on expanding and elevating your massage therapy practice to include patients seeking breast and chest massage.

Our massage clients typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Breast cancer patients
  • Individuals undergoing elective breast surgeries
  • Those seeking transgender top surgery

Within this comprehensive program, we cover all the essential principles of safe and ethical breast and chest massage. You'll learn about 18 different types of breast and chest surgeries and how to address the top 10 post-operative complications.

This vital core curriculum is seamlessly integrated into our mentorship program, designed to empower you to apply this knowledge effectively in real-world practice.

Our core curriculum is accredited in the following regions

(list coming soon 😃)

In the Core Curriculum, you will learn...

Three levels of knowledge, starting with the basics and working our way up to the most complicated.


What You Are Going To Learn

  • How to give an ethical therapeutic breast massage
  • Anatomy for breasts and chest
  • Getting informed consent
  • Assessments, including taking therapeutic images
  • Charting, including intake, treatment
  • Language for treating sensitive areas
  • Proper draping for patient safety
  • Professional boundaries
  • Circulatory techniques for breast health
  • Myofascial release to overcome adhesions and restrictive tissues
  • Stretching to promote chest openness and flexibility 

Level 1

What You Are Going To Learn

  • 18 different types of breast and chest surgery, which include:
  • 13 breast cancer surgeries
  • 3 elective breast surgeries
  • 2 transgender/non-binary gender-affirming top surgeries
  • The difference between a DIEP and TRAM flap
  • How best to treat a Lats flap
  • The difference between a breast lift and breast reduction
  • Joint mobilizations for ribs and clavicle
  • Scar tissue treatment for breasts and abdomen
  • Treatments within the biopyschosocial spiritual model of care

Level 2

What You Are Going To Learn

  • The top 10 post-op complications
  • What you can and cannot treat using mindful massage therapy
  • Breast-cancer related lymphedema and how to do preventative care
  • Chording and how it relates to the lymphatic system
  • Breast capsular contracture and how to reduce it
  • Necrosis and what you can and cannot do with it
  • Breast implant illness and how to manage it
  • The difference between hematomas and seromas
  • Iron Bra Syndrome and how you can reduce it

Oncology Massage

What You Are Going To Learn

  • 6 visible signs of breast cancer
  • 8 different types of breast cancer
  • The difference between stages and grades of breast cancer
  • How to recognize metastasis
  • Working with people going through chemotherapy
  • Working with people going through radiation
  • How massage therapy can help manage side effects of intensive medical treatments for breast cancer
  • Being a supportive team member in your patient's journey
  • Managing your own boundaries so you don't get burnt out
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How Does It Work?

At our Mentorship Academy, we go beyond the accredited core curriculum, 'Comprehensive Breast and Chest Surgery Training: A Guide for Massage Therapists.' Our focus is on empowering you with practical skills for the real world.

When you join, you'll gain access to the Comprehensive Training program, structured with nurturing workshop intensives, with integration & mentorship delivered in between.

In the Mentorship program, enjoy virtual one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Attract patients confidently, receive feedback, and work with real clients.

Plus, access done-for-you templates for charting, professional doctor letters, and heartfelt website marketing language.

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