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Learn about what actually happens under the skin during breast and top surgery

Extensive surgical images and videos to show you that what you see on your massage treatment is just the tip of the iceberg

The next step after your MG Foundations course is to learn about 18 types of breast surgery and how to treat them

Most people after taking this course are surprised by how far people are willing to go to get breasts "taken off" or "put on", either to save their life, change their outward appearance or be more in line with their gender. 

Be the resource your patients are looking for!

When people are going through their major life transition that results in having breast or top surgery, you want to be there for them as a knowledgeable and capable massage therapist.

Knowing what is happening under the skin during and after the surgeries, and having more advanced clinical skills to help them is essential. 

Learn in-person or online

You want to learn and better your massage therapy practice, no matter where you live in the world.  Our courses are designed for people who like to be in the room to learn, as well as those who like to learn from home. 

Evidence-informed courses

You want to know your course information is sound and backed by science, so you can feel confident that you are working with the most up-to-date information and techniques 

Get vital hands-on practice

You build confidence by doing and getting your hands working, so our courses are designed to provide both theory AND hands-on practice.

What are you going to learn in the MG Level 1 course?


Top outcome:

After this course you will be able to safely treat patients who have gone through breast and top surgery with evidence-informed massage therapy.



This evidence-informed introductory course is a broad overview of 18 different types of breast and top surgery, whether they be due to breast cancer, elective breast surgeries or trans/non-binary top surgery.

You will get a solid overview of evidence-informed knowledge about a lot of different surgeries, with opportunities in future for self-paced deeper dives into each surgery. 

This Level 1 course is a blend of theory & practical training

Please note: These courses are mainly live taught, but do have a portion of web-based content for self-paced learning.  We encourage you to look at it prior to course start so you can hit the ground running.


Course Contents:



The Science:
  • Anatomy for specific breasts & chests surgeries 
  • Extensive surgical imagery and videos so you actually see what's going on under the skin
  • Evidence-informed treatment techniques for scar tissue healing and joint mobilizations
  • 18 surgeries you will learn about:
    • Breast cancer: Lumpectomy, Mastectomies (5 kinds), Expanders, complex microvascular surgeries (DIEP, TRAM, Lats, SGAP & TUG Flap surgeries)
    • Elective breast surgeries: Augmentations, reductions, lifts
    • Trans/non-binary top surgery: Chest masculinizing, feminizing and  neutralizing


The Art:
  • Language for treating traumatized patients or those with gender dysphoria
  • Mindful massage therapy for patient trust and safety
  • Enhancing the unique "MG approach" to whole-person breast and chest care




You will be required to work on a practice body during your Level 1 course so you can cultivate confident hands.  

If you are doing an in-person course, you will practice with a fellow course participant.  If you are doing virtual learning, we encourage you to find a practice body to come to your house at a pre-arranged time so you can treat them.

Day 1:
  • Breast scars and how to apply MT safely 
  • Abdominal scars and how to apply MT safely


Day 2:
  • Joint mobilizations for ribs and clavicle 


*Please note: This course is only available to people who have already taken our Foundations course

2023 MG Level 1 Course Dates 


Address for Vancouver in-person courses: 

Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre
212 - 17696  65A Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1Z8

Human-centric care backed by science

Our "MG Approach" to breast care stands firm in balancing the "art & science" of massage therapy