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Learn to treat the Top 11 Complications after Breast and Top Surgery

With evidence-informed massage therapy

Over 1/3 of patients in North America experience some form of complication

Whether it be due to chording, necrosis, capsular contracture or breast implant illness, people may seek you out as a massage therapist to see if you can help.

Knowing what to do, and more importantly what not to do, could be vital for the long-term health of your patient. Cultivate greater safety and trust for your patients by becoming an authority on navigating the impactful breast and top surgery process. 

When your patients or loved ones ask, "Is there anything we can do for this?" you'll be able to answer them honestly

Some forms of complications require surgical and nursing interventions, and some can be treated using mindful massage therapy.

It is vital you know the difference between the two, when to refer out for additional help and when you can safely treat your person in-house. 

Developing this advanced practice skill set will allow you to become a therapist that patients seek out for special care, which can lead to fascinating days at work, and a deeper sense of meaning in your practice.

Learn in-person or online

You want to learn and better your massage therapy practice, no matter where you live in the world.  Our courses are designed for people who like to be in the room to learn, as well as those who like to learn from home. 

Blending the "art & science" of massage therapy

You want to know your course information is sound and backed by science, and you also want to create a healing space for your patients to relax into.  

Get vital hands-on practice

You build confidence by doing and getting your hands working, so our courses are designed to provide both theory AND hands-on practice.

What are you going to learn in the MG Level 2 course?


Top outcome:

After this course you will be able to safely treat patients who have experienced post-op complications from breast and top surgery with evidence-informed massage therapy.



This evidence-informed introductory course is a broad overview of 11 different types of post-op complications, including chording, necrosis, capsular contracture, breast implant illness and more, which are crucial to know about so you understand what you safely can and cannot treat.

This Level 2 course is a blend of theory & practical training

Please note: These courses are mainly live taught, but does have a portion of web-based content for self-paced learning. We encourage you to look at it prior to course start so you can hit the ground running.


Course Contents:



The Science:
  • Top 11 complications that can arise after breast and top surgery, such as:
    • Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema (BCRL)
    • Post-mastectomy Pain Syndrome (PMPS)
    • Axillary Web Syndrome (AWS/chording)
    • Breast Capsular Contracture (BCC)
    • Seroma
    • Hematoma
    • Necrosis
    • Breast Implant Illness (BII)
    • Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)
    • Multiple Revision Surgeries
    • Explants
  • Pathophysiology and risk factors for specific complications forming 
  • Extensive complications imagery so you actually see what real people present with 
  • Evidence-informed treatment techniques for "Iron Bra Syndrome", capsular contracture, necrosis and chording


The Art:
  • Language to inform and not scare your patients when dealing with complications
  • Mindful massage therapy for patient trust and safety
  • Enhancing the unique "MG approach" to whole-person breast and chest care




You will be required to work on a practice body during your Level 2 course so you can cultivate confident hands.  

If you are doing an in-person course, you will practice with a fellow course participant.  If you are doing virtual learning, we encourage you to find a practice body to come to your house at a pre-arranged time so you can treat them.

Day 1:
  • "Iron Bra Syndrome" and how to release muscles that contribute to feelings of a "metal band" around their chest
  • Chording in axilla and arm and how to safely release


Day 2:
  • Capsular contracture in breast reconstruction
  • Necrosis in subcutaneous tissues so the body can "digest" it more easily


*Please note: Our Level 1 course is a prerequisite for being able to take our Level 2 course. 

2023 MG Level 2 Course Dates

2023 MG Level 2 Course Dates 

Address for Vancouver in-person courses: 

Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre
212 - 17696  65A Ave, Surrey, BC V3S 1Z8

Human-centric care backed by science

Our "MG Approach" to breast care stands firm in balancing the "art & science" of massage therapy