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Specially curated yoga for breast and top surgery rehab

Themed classes to fit your mood, surgery and stage of healing

We are here to support you! 


Classes that fit your changing state

You don't feel the same every day, plus your body has changed.

So we've built modifications in to every class appropriate if you've had lymph nodes removed, muscles surgically altered and have restrictive scar tissue. 

We know you need affordable resources that are easy to access

Who can afford to shell out big bucks every time they need some support? Only a very few.

For the rest of us, we need access to quality care that won't break the bank, and provides trusted instruction on whole-person healing from breast cancer, elective breast surgeries and trans/non-binary top surgery.

That's why we offer our MG Yoga Library as a "droplets" service, meaning it's a micro-subscription that gives you access as long as you are a member.

Themed yoga classes to suit your mood

You're not the same every day, and your yoga should be able to adapt. 

We are here to support you! 


MG Yoga Library Sample

Try before you buy! This Gentle Yoga class guides you through shoulder and side stretches, for the days when you need easy opening (35 mins)


MG Yoga Library

$8/mo CAD

+ gst, billed quarterly

  • Themed classes you can choose to suit your mood
  • On-demand small-bite to full length classes you can do from home, the park or place of your choice
  • Modifications built into every class appropriate for people who have had lymph node removal, surgical alterations and scar tissue build up
  • New material added quarterly
  • Easy micro-subscription billed in  quarterly installments
  • First week free!


We are here to support you! 



Human-centric care backed by science

Our "MG Approach" to breast care stands firm in balancing the "art & science" of massage therapy and yoga