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Why is it important to prepare for your upcoming breast surgery?

Prehab is the new rehab, because we now recognize how influential doing preparation is to your recovery.

If you think you've got too much to do to get ready, or you're uncertain about exactly what you can do, watch this video 


There are 3 things you need to do when getting ready for breast surgery

Firstly, you want to prepare yourself, so you feel as ready as possible. Second you want to prepare your home so it's ready to support you during your convalescence. Third is you want to prepare your family, so they know how best to support you. 

This preparatory program will guide you through preparing all three aspects of your life in one easy to follow program you can do at your own pace. 

"Pre-hab" is the new rehab!

What happens if you don't prepare for surgery?

Going into breast surgery with little to no preparation means your chances of your body rejecting the surgery in some way are higher. Rejection may come in the form of complications afterwards, which may require revision surgeries or lead to chronic pain and feelings of being disfigured for life.

We want you to have the easiest time possible through this whole ordeal. Preparing yourself body-mind-soul can lead to a much easier time accepting and integrating the surgery, leading to a smoother and shorter recovery time afterwards, with less likelihood of complications, chronic pain or body dysmorphia in the years to come. 

What people are saying

"Strategic Improvements"

"Her proactive strategies set me up to get through the stressful times and move steadily forward to the better ones".  - K.S.

"Answered my questions"

"This program took a scary time and made it more understandable.  I didn't have to think as much how to get through this when I had this program to follow.  Thank you, it was a life-raft!" - T.S.

"Took away my confusion"

"I was really confused and overwhelmed before my surgery.  My surgeon gave some suggestions on what to do but they didn't really sink in.  I found this program helped me feel more clear on what I could do leading up to my surgery" - J.W.

What are you going to learn in Part 1: Preparing for Breast Surgery?

You will learn 5 simple lessons that will increase to your sense of being a participant in this surgical process.  This is vital so you don't feel like a victim or like things are happening that are beyond your control. 

When you feel like you have a say in what's happening, it restores some agency and choice back into a time when you might otherwise feel completely out of control and highly overwhelmed.

Taking advantage of "pre-hab" resources means you start your rehab before surgery even begins, which gives you the best possible result already embedded within the beginning. 


Here's what you are going to learn:


Lesson 1: Preparing your Kitchen

  • This 2-part lesson will share ideas on how to set up your food and kitchen implements so when you don't have use of your arms after surgery, both you and your family can still be fed and healthy. 
  • You'll also get two valuable resources for cancer-fighting foods and and recipes that are supportive through your intensive medical treatments.


Lesson 2: Make your drainage pouch

  • Drains are put in after your surgery to catch excess fluid seeping out of your body.  They often come with long tubes and bulbs that are a pain to manage and can get in the way.  Making a no-cost drainage pouch can give you a tidy place to store the drains so they're not in the way and easy to manage.


Lesson 3: Set up your "Zen Den"

  • This lesson will tell you how to set up your convalescing area, so it's ready to receive you when you are home from hospital.  Learn how to pillow for safety and support, have life-affirming objects around for inner strength and getting your entertainment ready, as you will likely be lying still for days or weeks after your surgery.  It also helps you know how to ask your loved ones for support.


Lesson 4: What to expect ahead

  • This lesson will share some possible outcomes, so you know possible pitfalls to avoid and what self-care can help you.  Surgeons say this is important because they often don't have time to go over this information with you, but it is vital so it's good to get it here.


Lesson 5: Pre-op self-massage

  • This may be new for you, but it's an important step so you can connect with your body, say goodbye to your natural breasts and have your circulation be as open as possible, as this will help your body stay nourished during the surgery. 


We are here to support you! 

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Program Sample

Lesson 1b: Preparing your kitchen


You don't have to do this alone

Going through a breast cancer diagnosis can be very isolating and terrifying.  It can make you feel like you're out of step with the rest of the world.  You can have the experience of having other people in your corner though, who understand what you're going through, and that you're not alone in this.  Help is here, take advantage of that.

Step-by-step process

At a time when you are learning about a whole new world, feeling under extreme mental and physical duress, having to make huge decisions with very little information, why not make it as easy as possible on yourself and follow a step-by-step method of breast surgery preparation that's been proven to help get you ready? 

Approved by surgeons

This video program has been reviewed by surgeons and given their stamp of approval.  They say it is full of useful information that is providing hope and direction but that they don't have time to give you themselves.  So it's information you can trust, and works in harmony with what your surgeons are wanting you to do. 


Part 1: Preparing for Breast Surgery

$68 CAD


  • Get the facts ahead of time so you feel prepared and ready for a life-changing operation
  • 7 easy video lessons to follow so you know how to "pre-hab" body-mind-soul
  • Journaling pages to help you get in touch with yourself and reflect on your current experience 
  • Get the "next steps" so you know what to do once the program is done
  • Lifetime access to this self-paced program so you can do it on your own time and never have to worry about it disappearing 
  • One low payment for surgeon-approved information so you can feel confident you are getting quality care


We are here to support you! 

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What people are saying

"Made it simple"

"This program took a complicated process and made it simple for me to understand.  For that alone I'm grateful".  - W.S-L.

"Timely advice"

"When I felt so pressed for time I couldn't even think, Eryn provided answers that I needed in simple language that was easy to understand and follow.  I would highly recommend this program" - R.L. 

"Drain pouch was so useful"

"I didn't understand how useful a drainage pouch would be until I actually had drains in, then I was so glad to have some way to keep the tubes contained.  Made daily life way less aggravating" - A.T.

Human-centric care backed by science

Our "MG Approach" to breast care stands firm in balancing the "art & science" of massage therapy and yoga