Understand the Nature of Scar Tissue, and How to Work With It.

Examine the science of scar tissue for your massage therapy practice, so you can treat post-operative patients with confidence and body-saving techniques.

Take an Edu-cation! Visit beautiful Victoria, BC, Canada on October 5 & 6, 2024 for this in-person course.  Bring some friends and make it a super fun trip!

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Are you ready to enhance your light-touch skills?

Scar tissue and post-operative work requires a light touch, focusing more on fluid movement and nervous system involvement, rather than deep compressive motions.

This helps save your hands and creates big results for your patients.

gender affirming top surgery FTM

What You'll Get From This Course:

  1. Confidence with Post-operative Care: Feel sure that no matter where the scar is happening, you'll be able to deliver timely, safe and appropriate care.

  2. Understand the Nature of Scar Tissue: Influenced by primary body systems and stages of healing, scar tissue has a particular nature that you will learn to harness and work with, no matter where in the body it is.

  3. New Evidence-Informed Techniques: Our course is rooted in the latest scientific research and industry best practices, so you'll get up-to-date tools in your toolbox. 

  4. Enhanced Healing Outcomes: Boost your clients' healing outcomes, improve their range of motion, and help them reclaim their quality of life.

  5. Like-minded community of massage and manual therapists: People who share your perspective, introduce new ideas and who emanate kindness make this an ideal learning environment

Meet Your Instructors!

This course features two seasoned instructors, each with a unique perspective and expertise. 

Eryn Price RMT

Eryn has been in the healing arts for about 25 years, 12 of which have been in massage therapy.  She has been instructing for over a decade and is passionate about bringing resources to underserved people.  A firm believer in people's capacity to cultivate resilience, she founded The Mastectomy Guide to support both patients and massage therapists navigating the impactful breast and chest surgery process. 

Cathy Ryan RMT

Cathy has been a long-time RMT in British Columbia, Canada and practicing for 32 years.  She is the co-author of the textbook "Traumatic Scar Tissue Management" along with Nancy Keeney-Smith LMT.  Cathy speaks all over the North American continent at conferences and symposiums, and has a passion for fascia and connective tissue.

Course Details:

  • Date: October 5 & 6, 2024
  • Time: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm pst
  • Duration: 16 hours over 2 days
  • Location: Victoria BC, Canada (exact location TBD
  • Format: In-person



$598 CAD (+ gst) 


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What you are going to learn:



  • Anatomy as relating to scar tissue
  • Primary systems of wound healing
  • Stages of wound healing
  • Healthy vs. Pathological scars & how to influence
  • Two types of breast/chest surgery (breast cancer mastectomy and FTM top surgery)



  • Target systems techniques (nervous, lymphatic, integumentary and fascial systems)
  • Immature vs. mature scars
  • Pathological scars (Keloids & Hypertrophic)



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Get the full textbook!

If you're serious about wanting to learn to work with scar tissue, then getting this textbook by one of the "Science of Scar Tissue" co-instructors, will set you up on the right track.

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PLEASE NOTE: This textbook is NOT the student handbook associated with this course.  It is a stand alone textbook created prior to this Science of Scar Tissue course, co-authored by one of our course instructors, Cathy Ryan RMT.

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