Empowering Your Breast Surgery Recovery

  • Discover Expert-Backed Strategies
  • Step-by-Step Guidance & Supportive Resources to Navigate Your Breast Healing Journey with Confidence
  • Shorten Your Healing Times, and Prevent Post-op Complications
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What Guidance and Support Will You Recieve in Your Mastectomy Recovery Companion?

Setting Up Your Home, Resting Area, Preparing Food, Family & Self

Progressive Movements To Get Your Movement Back, Boosting Mind-Body Connection

Healing Results From Your Own Hands, Put Surgeon Suggestions of "Massage Yourself" In Action

Use Household Objects to Target Chest, Shoulders and Core

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What People Are Saying

"So grateful to be understood"

I am so grateful to have found this program. Sometimes I play the videos just to feel like there's someone out there who understands what I'm going through.  I can't do everything yet, but I'm hopeful! Like you say, "small gains add up to big gains over time."

- S.S

"I can count on it"

Such a warm and relaxing experience to do the guided visualizations this morning for the first time. And the breathwork exercise feels really good... it's always something I can count on for calming and focus" 

- E.L.

"Making things much easier"

At first I thought this would be another thing I had to add to my (giant) list of things to do, but I quickly realized this is actually making things MUCH easier for me.  I don't have to figure so much stuff out.  All the resources I need are in one place so they're easier to find. My mind is calmer, and my body feels better.  Thank you so much!"

- J.S.

Providing You With Expert-backed Strategies

That's why we're here—to provide you with step-by-step guidance, and supportive resources, all aimed at empowering your breast surgery recovery.

With our comprehensive program, you'll find the strength to embrace healing, regain control, and flourish as you move forward.


Let Us Be Your Trusted Companion!

Being on this path to regeneration and renewed hope means you don't have to do this alone.

You can count on our unwavering support.  You can borrow our confidence until you have some more of your own. 

Join our community of courageous survivors today and secure your healing journey.

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Targeted Support for Your Breast Surgery Journey

  1. Prepare with Confidence: Our program equips you with essential pre-surgery guidance, helping you organize your environment, find helpful recipes, and create a supportive space for recovery. You'll approach surgery day with a sense of readiness and peace of mind.

  2. Move Freely Post-Surgery: With expert-led videos, you'll discover safe and effective techniques to regain mobility in the first crucial weeks after surgery. Gentle yoga-style stretches and mindful movements will empower you to take confident steps towards recovery.

  3. Safe Self-Massage Techniques: Learn step-by-step self-massage routines designed by experts to address post-operative discomfort, improve circulation, and promote a sense of comfort and well-being on your healing path.

  4. Cultivate Excellent Posture: Say goodbye to postural challenges and discomfort with our targeted stretch and strengthening videos. Regain confidence in your body's alignment, allowing you to stand tall and proud as you thrive beyond surgery.

  5. Expert-Backed and Medically Sound: Rest assured, our program is approved by surgeons and grounded in research-backed practices, ensuring you receive reliable, evidence-informed support for your breast surgery journey.

  6. Ongoing Access and Community: Gain exclusive access to our supportive community of courageous survivors, providing you with a safe space to share experiences, seek advice, and find comfort during your recovery process.



What's Included in Your Mastectomy Recovery Companion?


Program Details:

Format: 25 videos, self-paced
Video length: 2 mins - 35 mins
Journal Pages: for self-reflection throughout your journey
Mandala colouring pages: for improved eye-hand coordination, creativity as therapy
Affirmations: for positive reinforcement and cultivating self-love
Reminder cards: to help you remember what you're learning in the videos
Recommended resources: to know where to buy certain items especially useful for post-mastectomy recovery



  • Self-paced videos = $358
  • Journal pages = $58
  • Mandala colouring pages = $38
  • Affirmations = $38
  • Reminder cards = $38
  • Recommended resources = $28


Bonus #1!
"Create Your Healing Sanctuary".  Learn how to set up a beautiful zone in your home dedicated to self-care and regeneration (Value $78)

Bonus #2!
"Guided Meditations for Inner Healing". These 8 audio meditations help to harness your ability to heal from within, manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm and create a strong mind-body connection (value $78)

Get both these bonuses included at no extra cost! 


Total = $676 CAD
40% off  Pay just $268 CAD for the whole bundle!


Buy with confidence! If you've participated fully in the program and are doing the exercises at stage-of-healing appropriate times, but are not satisfied with the program, simply reach out within the first week to activate your full money back guarantee!

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Meet Your Guide!

Hi! My name is Eryn Price.  I've been in the healing arts for almost 25 years, the last 12 as a registered massage therapist in beautiful BC, Canada.  

I have a passion for bringing resources to underserved people, and during the past 9 years I've been serving women going through breast cancer, elective breast surgery and folks going through gender affirming top surgery in my massage therapy practice.

I designed Your Mastectomy Recovery Guide primarily for women going through breast cancer and elective breast surgery. It has been reviewed and approved by surgeons, is full of medically sound advice that is backed by both research and clinical experience. 

For trans and gender-fluid people I've got the MG Yoga Library for post-surgical recovery, so you're supported also! 

I've seen first hand how incredibly effective self-care is in regenerating from very difficult circumstances.  I've been doing self-care since I was 12 years old and it has made one of the biggest differences in my life.  

In my massage therapy practice, I've been privileged to watch people's deep personal transformation through the breast and chest surgery process, and how learning to care for yourself can vastly change your future. 



Start Your Healing Journey - Get Now

What People Are Saying

"So grateful to have Eryn along side me"

I have known Eryn for a few years and she has so much passion in helping her patients, especially women like me who recently recovered from breast cancer! So grateful to have Eryn along side with me for my recovery journey.  

- V.Y.


"Making the world of difference"

Eryn provided virtual support to teach me self-massage techniques. Eryn is a gifted educator. She taught me the basic physiology of the area, explained the reason for various areas/levels of massage, and provided demonstration throughout. Eryn provided a plan for self-massage that was effective and achievable. In just a few sessions, this self-massage is making the world of difference in my pain levels, day to day functioning, and mental wellness.

- M.T-R.

"A doctor referred me"

I was in a great deal of pain post mastectomy and didn't know where to turn. A doctor referred me to Eryn and she helped to get movement back.

- C.T.

Frequently Asked Questions