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by increasing your knowledge base around treating sensitive areas

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Treating in a gentle, sustainable and highly effective way can extend the life of your practice

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Find a new purpose and passion supporting an under-served demographic who genuinely needs your help!

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"The visual presentations, guest speakers, physical learning materials and shared practice experiences are invaluable."

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"Upon completing this course you will feel prepared and empowered to start this work, and it is needed work! Fantastic course, I'll see you at level 2."

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"A foundation to build your knowledge and support yourself in our profession of massage therapy."

Quality Evidence-informed Education

That doesn't stop when the weekend is over.  

Featured Courses

Introduction to Breast Surgery 
Level 1

Understanding who and what you are working with is critical to the success of your breast massage therapy treatments. 

Learn the main 18 types of breast surgery done for breast cancer, Transgender top surgery and elective breast surgeries, including expanders vs. implants, scar tissue, how to cultivate the top 3 healing outcomes and techniques useful for blending the art & science of massage therapy with mindful intention & evidence-based research. 

Become confident with language and protocols for treating sensitive areas. 

Fully accredited certification courses. Virtual & in-person options.

CE Credits:
BC RMTs: 14 PE for Cycle 13
AB RMTs: 16 Primary
SK RMTs: 14 Primary

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Post-op Complications & Integrative Cancer Care
Level 2

Continue to blend the art & science of massage therapy while learning about 8+ common post-op complications from breast surgery, including chording, capsular contracture, necrosis, "Iron Bra" Syndrome and more, plus what you can do about them using mindful massage therapy techniques. 

Learn how massage therapy can be a powerful adjunct treatment to reduce medical side effects from chemotherapy & radiation, as well as support quality of life for your breast cancer patients. 

Increase your confidence in language and addressing post-op complications in a sensitive, mindful, professional manner. 

Both Virtual & In-person certification courses available. 

Please note: Level 1 is a prerequisite for all higher level courses. 

CE Credits:
BC RMTs: 10 EIP (evidence-informed practice) CECs for Cycle 13 for in-person course

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Have Community All Around You, All. Year. Long.


Learn Your Way

We cultivate 6 different learning styles for an extremely rich learning experience, where you are immersed from start to finish.

  • Visual
  • Auditory
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Written
  • Social
  • Demonstrations



Join from Anywhere

With both virtual and in-person options, you can join us virtually from home or in-person your neighbourhood. 

  • Save money & time with virtual learning
  • Connect with like-minded therapists from different regions
  • Feel the buzz in the room during live events in your area 


Year-round Support

In addition to the weekend courses, you get live monthly support year-round during our community meet-ups, so you can get help integrating what you've learned into your practice.

  • Guidance on applying your new knowledge
  • Ask questions on challenging cases
  • Learn how others are evolving their practice to bring in more breast surgery patients

Meet your Instructor

Hi! I'm Eryn (she/her). I've been a professional healer for more than 20 years, the last 11 as a registered massage therapist.  The past 8 years I've focused almost exclusively on people going through breast and chest surgery and find this an exceedingly beautiful demographic to work with.  I love to teach collaborative certification courses, as well as work with my one-on-one clients.

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There are people getting breast and chest surgery EVERYWHERE, so we aim to spread out highly-trained heart centred massage therapists all. over. the. place!! 

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Scholarships and Bursaries

To make our education accessible for people who may need additional financial support to afford it, we are offering scholarships and bursaries to deserving applicants.  

If you, or someone you know, are a single parent or struggling financially, but want to be involved with a heart-centred network of professionals doing profound and positive work in the world, please submit your application (for yourself, or on behalf of someone you know who is deserving) by clicking the button below.

Annual Full MG Scholarship

Awarded to one person per year equal to the full cost of the course. 

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Partial MG Scholarship

Awarded to one per year equal to 33% of cost of course. 

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MG Bursaries

Awarded to one person per year equal to 18% off course fee.

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