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Unwinding the Stress of Breast and Chest Surgery

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The Big Breast Picture


Survival rates from breast cancer are now 89% , showing people are living longer than ever after their breast cancer diagnosis (Möller et.al. 2019).

Trans male and female top surgery procedures are on the rise, with transmasculine chest reduction surgery being the most common (American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2020 report).

Nearly 500,000 people in the United States got elective breast surgery in 2019 (American Society of Plastic Surgeons 2020 report).

At the moment, standard of care is to be sent home from hospital with little to no resources on how to heal from breast and top surgery, which can lead to long-term pain and suffering. 



So what should happen after breast and chest surgery?


That's where we step in! 

The Mastectomy Guide (MG) is the next step in managing scar tissue, pain, mobility and post-op complications. 

MG for Patients offers self-care programs from home that help your body feel like your own, for whatever reason you have had surgery.

MG Professionals offers continuing ed programs that teach you how to support breast and top surgery patients through the "art and science" of massage therapy. 

We are here to support you, and are thrilled to work with you!


Join us to find the bridge between medical treatments and the rest of your life!

"Extensive Knowledge"

" I would recommend Eryn's ...services to anyone who wants to benefit from her extensive knowledge of breast health and general wellness.".  - J.C.

"Commitment to Aiding Women"

"Eryn has gone beyond, to study women and breast health, and we are so very fortunate to have a gem like her, committed to aiding women". - L.C.

"Healing on Multiple Levels"

"Eryn is talented at connecting the psycho-social supports to physical healing supports, she is able to connect our physical healing to daily life, longer term outcomes, and the realities of our new bodies".  - M.T-R.

"Quality course"

"Upon completing this course you will feel prepared and empowered to start this work, and it is needed work! Fantastic course, I'll see you at level 2."

"Empowering and educational"

"A foundation to build your knowledge and support yourself in our profession of massage therapy."

"An amazing learning experience"

"The visual presentations, guest speakers, physical learning materials and shared practice experiences are invaluable."

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