Filling The Gap in Breast and Chest Surgery Rehabilitation

Finally! A home for how to prepare and recover from breast cancer, gender affirming and elective breast surgeries!

Evidence-informed Guidance.  Medically Sound Practices.  Decades of Clinical Experience.

At Your Service ūüíē

Massage Therapists: FREE Live Training! 

3 x 90 min sessions to boost your skills, understand the science behind breast care and how you can positively impact patient outcomes.

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Patients: FREE Guide

Learn to have educated discussions with your doctor by knowing what to ask about your recent breast cancer diagnosis

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Elevate Your Massage Therapy Career with Light-Touch Techniques

Are you a massage therapist seeking evidence-based light-touch training and mentorship? Build a sustainable career with techniques that emphasize mindful, human-centric care.

Support & Inspire with Mindful Massage Therapy

Learn how to use gentle massage to aid patients undergoing:

  • Breast cancer surgery
  • Gender-affirming top surgery
  • Elective breast surgery

Choose Your Level and Style of Training

Explore our targeted programs:

  • Science of Scar Tissue Course - October 5 & 6, 2024, in Victoria, BC, Canada (in-person)
  • 200 Hr Mentorship Academy - Starting September 14, 2024 (virtual)

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What people are saying about our Professional training:

"Quality course"

"Upon completing this course you will feel prepared and empowered to start this work, and it is needed work!"

"Empowering and educational"

"A foundation to build your knowledge and support yourself in our profession of massage therapy."

"An amazing learning experience"

"The visual presentations, guest speakers, physical learning materials and shared practice experiences are invaluable."

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On-Demand Integrative Cancer Care 

This virtual program provides targeted guidance to prepare and recover from breast cancer surgery so you can avoid long-term complications like chronic pain, body dysmorphia and movement restrictions.

This simple to follow program offers surgeon-approved guidance that is medically sound, backed by research and proven to work through clinical experience.

Applicable for elective breast surgeries and gender affirming top surgery (please excuse the female-centric language ūüôŹūüŹĹ).

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Find Your Zen with Tailored Meditations

When you're going through breast cancer, you've got specific needs; focusing on those needs through meditation can help you feel:

  • connected to your body
  • more peace in your mind
  • greater capacity to cope with life stressors

8 guided audio meditations for your wellness and regeneration

$8 CAD 

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What people are saying about our Patient programs:

"Extensive Knowledge"

" I would recommend Eryn's to anyone who wants to benefit from her extensive knowledge of breast health and general wellness.".  - J.C.

"Commitment to Aiding Women"

"Eryn has gone beyond, to study women and breast health, and we are so very fortunate to have a gem like her, committed to aiding women". - L.C.

"Healing on Multiple Levels"

"Eryn is talented at connecting the psycho-social supports to physical healing supports, she is able to connect our physical healing to daily life, longer term outcomes, and the realities of our new bodies".  - M.T-R.

Eryn Price RMT

Meet Your Mentor

Hi! I'm Eryn! ūü¶čūüíē

I've been in the healing arts for about 25 years, and bring over a decade of teaching experience, so you can be confident you are getting high-quality training and mentorship as you navigate your journey.  

Whether you are a massage therapists looking to uplevel your skills (so you can support patients going through breast cancer, trans top surgery or elective breast surgery) OR you are a patient undergoing breast cancer treatments (and you need support on implementing proven self-care strategies), you're in the right place!

To learn more about me and why I'm so passionate about this work, please click here.

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