Supporting Integrative Breast Surgery Preparation & Recovery

Whether you are a patient or a healthcare professional, we have the support and education you need.

Surgeries we work with: lumpectomy, mastectomy, expanders, breast and chest (re)construction, DIEP, TRAM, SGAP, TUG flap, breast augmentations, reductions, lifts, Trans Gender-affirming surgery

Patient Online Home-care Guide

Learn what to do at home before and after breast surgery with simple step-by-step self-care programs approved by surgeons.  Excellent to do as home-care between your massage therapy appointments 

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Massage Therapy Sessions + Online Yoga Vault

In person registered massage therapy with the Founder of The Mastectomy Guide in beautiful Naramata BC. Plus on-demand virtual yoga library for patients more than 2 months past surgery date

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Certified Massage Therapy Training

Accredited continuing education courses for massage therapists, blending the "art & science" of massage. Heart-centred community of highly trained professionals working with the breast surgery demographic

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Have you or someone you know recently been diagnosed with breast cancer?

This can be a stage fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. 

Get our free Square Breathing program for a quick-fix breathing technique that can start reducing anxiety within minutes. 

Quick Links: Online Home-care programs + Certified Massage Therapy Training Programs  đź’•

Certification Course:
Introduction to Breast Surgery - Level 1 

High-level accredited educational training for massage therapists to service breast surgery patients, including breast cancer, resizing/shaping and Transgender top surgery patients with integrity, mindfulness and skill

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Patient Home-care:
Getting Through the First 6 Weeks

Make an overwhelming time easier to handle by getting step-by-step guidance on what you can do to prepare and recover from breast surgery in the critical first 6 weeks with our virtual program you can do from home

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Patient Home-care:
Living with a Mastectomy

Once you are 1 month past surgery, this virtual program will help you overcome chronic pain, tightness and weakness with simple self-care that makes a big difference to your long term recovery and empowerment, which includes self-massage, stretching & strengthening

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Surgeon's Approval

"This program is accurate, trustworthy, caring, kind and it's giving the women much needed support."

Dr. N.V-L.

Empowering Support

"Eryn helped me gain mobility in a timely manner after my mastectomy and empowered me to return to exercise and life."


Expert Assistance

"Eryn improved my muscle tightness, range of motion, cording, swelling and scarring"


The Mastectomy Guide gives you...

True healing body, mind & soul is all about getting your body moving, healing your spirit and building resilience through smart step-by-step practices. 

No matter if you're a patient or healthcare professional, you can count on MG giving you three things:

Heart centred approach

Everything we do comes from genuine caring and love.  We believe breast cancer eventually opens a door to cultivate a new relationship with yourself and those around you

Medically sound advice

We've trained for years, collaborated with surgeons, healthcare professionals, women going through breast cancer and previvors to bring you tried, tested techniques, knowledge and practices

Integrative support

Designed to work alongside traditional cancer medical treatments as an integrative support guide for both lay-people and healthcare professionals alike, so you can feel safe and secure

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Hi, I'm Eryn, and I've been using my love of healing to help others for the past 22 years. Join me for a supported integrative experience through breast surgery, whether you are a patient or professional healthcare provider.


More About Me
Professional and caring

"Eryn has been absolutely fantastic through my double mastectomy recovery."


My RMT referred me

"I couldn't get in-person treatments during Covid so Eryn helped me learn self-massage virtually!"


A doctor's referral

"My doctor referred me to Eryn, she made me feel safe and cared for immediately."