Comprehensive Intensive. 

Short on Time; Long on Results.

Technical training to serve clients going through breast and chest surgery, using light-touch and mindful healing techniques that can:

  • save your body
  • refresh your practice with a very special population to work with 
  • create longevity for your practice

2 consecutive weekends, 3 days each (Fri/Sat/Sun).  Maximize your learning in a very short time frame.  Virtual learning from home. 

May 31 - June 2 & June 7 - 9, 2024. 

Save $500 on registration fees until May 4, 2024! Enter coupon code at time of purchase to activate: MGCOMP_500

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gender affirming top surgery FTM

Welcome to our Comprehensive Intensive!


This program is for you if you like to do short intense immersions, so you can learn what you need and get back to your practice as quickly as possible.

You will learn everything needed to provide high-level care for people going through:

  • breast cancer surgery
  • elective breast surgery
  • gender affirming top surgery

This program offers just the technical training for new tools in your toolbox, without the mentorship, business training or private community present in our Mentorship Academy.

What You'll Get From This Course:

  1. Confidence with What's Happening Beneath the Skin: Gain a deep understanding of the most performed surgeries, so you feel confident in how the body is rearranged during these intensive surgeries.

  2. Technical Training to Enhance Your Practice: You're an established massage therapist wanting to support a new population and feel like "I just need the techniques".

  3. Evidence-informed Information: Based in up-to-date research and clinical experience, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the most modern information out there.

  4. Hands-on Practice: Bring practice people to your location so you can practice what you are learning in class right away, and be able to ask questions afterwards so you feel confident you're doing it correctly.
  5. Virtual Learning: Join us from anywhere you live in the world, provided you have an internet connection

  6. Like-minded community of massage and manual therapists: Get connected people who share your perspective, introduce new ideas and who emanate kindness make this an ideal learning environment

Meet Your Instructor!

Eryn Price RMT 🦋💕

Hello! I have been in the healing arts for about 25 years, 13 of which have been in massage therapy.  I started instructing soon after graduating massage school, so now have over a decade of experience and I'm super passionate about bringing resources to underserved people. 

As a firm believer in people's capacity to cultivate resilience, I founded The Mastectomy Guide to support both patients and massage therapists navigating the impactful breast and chest surgery process. 


What you are going to learn:


  • Foundations: Breast Surgery Basics
    • (sets you up to offer ethical therapeutic breast massage) The MG Approach to breast and chest care, breast anatomy, informed consent, precautions and contraindications, draping, positioning, charting, assessments, stages of healing, hand skills for therapeutic breast massage
  • Level 1: 18 Types of Breast and Chest Surgery
    • (sets you up to offer safe post-op breast/chest treatments) 18+ types of breast and chest surgery including mastectomy, lumpectomy, expanders, breast reconstruction, flap surgeries, elective breast surgeries and gender affirming top surgeries (FTM and MTF) plus hand skills for working with post-op patients.
  •  Level 2: Top 10 Post-op Complications
    • (sets you up to offer preventative and rehabilitative treatments for complications) Top 10 post-op complications including chording, breast capsular contracture, necrosis, hematoma, seroma, breast implant illness, explants and more, plus hand skills for working with post-op complications. 


Digital Student Handbooks INCLUDED in the course! Each digital file is writeable so you can take notes on your tablet or computer.

Watch video demonstrations on real breast and chest patients to practice alongside during the program!

Bring practice people to your place so you can get hands-on experience during the course!


Course Details:

  • Date: May 31 - June 2 AND June 7 - 9, 2024 (Friday/Saturday/Sunday respectively)
  • Time: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm PST each day
  • Duration: 54 hours over 6 days
  • Format: Virtual



$2300 CAD + gst (single pay)


2 monthly payments of $1250 CAD + gst each (click here for multipay)


*Save $500 on registration fees until May 4, 2024! Enter coupon code at time of purchase to activate: MGCOMP_500

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gender affirming top surgery scar tissue care

About Your Practice People:

We recommend reaching out to your friends and family network to request people who are open to receiving therapeutic breast/chest massage. 

All treatments are done with informed consent, in a safe and private environment, during the dedicated course hours.  More specific information will be delivered by email once you have registered.

For the first weekend of the course:

  • it is ideal to have someone with non-surgilized breasts, so you can practice therapeutic breast massage in a safe and structured environment.

For the second weekend of the course:

  • we recommend bringing someone in who has had breast or chest surgery in the past, whether that's due to breast cancer, elective breast surgery or gender affirming top surgery.


PLEASE NOTE: Any post-surgical patients MUST BE MORE THAN 6 MONTHS from their surgery date, not be presenting with any active infections, complications or extremely complex surgical histories.  If you want to work with more complex presentations, we suggest joining the Mentorship and Training Academy, where you will work with close supervision to work with more complex cases.

Upgrade to the Ultimate Offline-Learning Companion:

Quality print-and-bound student handbooks for lasting learning - only available for course participants

If you love paper and think better when you write things down with a pen in your hand, this is the option for you.

Get all 3 handbooks mailed to your place, so you can have them present during the Comprehensive Intensive.

$288 CAD + gst  & shipping for all three handbooks!


For this upcoming Intensive, handbooks MUST BE ORDERED BY MAY 3, 2024, in order for them to get to you prior to course start.  Any handbooks ordered after that may not reach you in time, though will still be good reference material.


*PLEASE NOTE: Price of shipping is for Canadian residents.  If you live in the US or Internationally, please email [email protected] to get a custom quote.

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