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What is the fastest way to heal from a mastectomy? 8 ways to speed your healing recovery

You may be wondering just how and what you can do to heal from a mastectomy, in the fastest, safest way.

There are two methods that make the greatest difference:

1. Self-care after a mastectomy

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to participate in your own healing.  You do this...

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Put your own oxygen mask on first! 8 mindful self-care tips for women accustomed to forgetting about themselves

Brace! Brace! Brace! The plane is going down!

Down drops the oxygen mask.  Your child is sitting beside you.  Do you put the mask on them first? Or yourself?

If you are like millions of women, you will likely put the mask on your child first,  despite all of us being able to recite...

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The Gift of Morning Meditation

Picture yourself on a beach, sitting calmly as the world goes by...... sands are warm from the sun, waves lap peacefully onto shore.  You sit contentedly looking out to sea, aware of the world around you, a part of it yet unaffected by the small changes that happen because you are so content...

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