The Gift of Morning Meditation

improve quality of life meditation Aug 09, 2019

Picture yourself on a beach, sitting calmly as the world goes by...... sands are warm from the sun, waves lap peacefully onto shore.  You sit contentedly looking out to sea, aware of the world around you, a part of it yet unaffected by the small changes that happen because you are so content inside.  You feel whole and peaceful. 

This is a meditative state.  You may not even be aware you are in a meditative state because you slip into it so naturally.  You may also get this feeling from walking in the woods, or looking out from a view point.  Point is: being in a meditative state is perfectly natural for us.  

It’s the deliberate cultivation of that state that sometimes freaks people out! 

But it doesn’t need to.  It’s a beautiful practice that gets refined and refined the more you do it.  You don’t need to be an expert to start meditating.  Practice will make you an expert.  You just need to have the desire to cultivate the meditative state.

Today we are talking about morning meditation.  It is truly a gift that keeps giving throughout your day.  It allows you some time for YOU at the outset of your day, signalling to your subconscious that you are worth investing in, that you prioritize your wellness.  That alone is calming for your mind.  Yes, you are worth something and you do matter in this world.  And it is ok to prioritize yourself in the sequence of events that is your day.

Secondly, it gives some internal space in your mind, so when the small ripples of tension and discord happen around you, they are less likely to impact your state of being.  They happen, yes.  And you may recognize they happen.  But they will affect you less.  They may even cease to be ripples.  Eventually you may interact with them in an innovative way that actually causes growth and development for all parties involved, whether that be a “non-reactive” reaction or a genuine compassionate insight as to why that person may be behaving that way. 

Thirdly, it resets the internal balance of your body, and by that I mean your nervous system, your hormonal system, your digestive system.  All the elements of your body become more harmonious and function more effectively, so your overall health improves.  Many people experience a remission of their health issues with ongoing meditation, it is well documented and will be the subject of future blogs. 

Lastly, the morning time is very conducive to meditation because it is naturally quieter.  There is less “chatter” in the world at that time, less motors, less people up and about, less expectation of efficiency.  The world is a little slower and calmer, which is more conducive to a meditative state. 

Now, your particular household may not be quiet in the morning! That’s a fact.  Some people have crazy houses in the morning, chaos and noise, people getting up early and rushing off to work, cramming down some food, kids bouncing on the couch or fighting to watch TV.  

Now if this is you, there’s an easy fix.  You either do it before everyone else gets up, or you wait until they are off on their day and then take a bit of time for yourself.  Personally, I’d recommend doing it before everyone gets up.  That way you are prepared for their arrival in YOUR world (i.e. your personal experience, your specific life) and can relate to them in a different way.

For example: when my son was very young, I realized that if I waited to get up at the same time as him, I was not prepared to be the kind of mother I wanted to be for him.  I was irritated, annoyed and reactive.  I just wasn’t ready to be thinking of someone else.  I wanted MY time but he was too young to wait and needed me NOW.  

So, my solution? I got up an hour earlier than he did, practiced yoga and meditation and then by the time he was awake and raring to go, I was in a very good state to receive him.  It made his morning better, as well as my own.  Very simple, yet highly effective. 

Now, lest we think that meditation is just about the specific time in the morning we practice it, think again!  We did mention the word “gift” in the title, and later in the blog we mentioned that it’s a gift that keeps on giving.  Because it does!  It can change the entire temperament and flow of your day; you are less reactive, more centred and calm, more balanced.  It genuinely makes a difference to your quality of life.

And of course, it must be mentioned that the more you do it, the greater benefits you will receive.  It’s like small deposits in the bank.  The first few dollars you put in the bank don’t overflow your account with abundance, but continue to make your deposits and you will eventually see a healthy bank balance looking back at you :-)

 So, Action Jackson, what can you do about it? Reading a blog is certainly a good start! I’ve been meditating for nearly 30 years and I still get a lot out of reading about it.  I get inspiration, insights and motivation, as well as a chance to just tap in to that energy for a while, allowing it to seep into my state of being.

But next step is to DO it.  We are experiential beings and we need to experience things to truly understand them.  So, take some time, start with something small that you can commit to.  I know a woman who committed to 3 minutes a day and it literally changed her life.  It’s the ongoing commitment to yourself that makes the real difference, showing up day in and day out to fill your “bank account” with “healthy money” that brings the true gift of morning meditation.  Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results!


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