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What is the fastest way to heal from a mastectomy? 8 ways to speed your healing recovery

You may be wondering just how and what you can do to heal from a mastectomy, in the fastest, safest way.

There are two methods that make the greatest difference:

1. Self-care after a mastectomy

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to participate in your own healing.  You do this...

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How soon can you exercise after a mastectomy?

Healing after a mastectomy is an individual process, how long will you take?

This answer is of course, "it depends".  There are many varieties of breast surgery due to breast cancer (including prophylactic mastectomies for people who've tested positive for the breast cancer gene and want to...

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Talking to your kids about your mastectomy - how much is enough?

It can be really challenging knowing how to broach the subject of talking to your kids about your breast surgery.  How do you know what's too much, and what's not enough?

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If you could wipe out 33% of cancer risk factors in your life, would you do it?
According a recent article on the CBC, the WHO now reports breast cancer has become the most common diagnosed form of cancer, ahead of lung, which has held that distinction for the past 2 decades.
So what are these risk factors you have control over?
"The WHO, warning against risk...
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