Transform Your Breast Cancer Journey: Embrace Healing, Hope, and Empowered Recovery

Discover the Power of Integrative Cancer Care: Nurturing Your Body, Mind, and Spirit for Lasting Well-being


Making the decision to save your breasts or save your life is not an easy one

It is a decision that is often made under duress, with great emotional upheaval, confusion and overwhelm. 

You may not have all the answers you need, having to make your decision on what kind of surgery to get with very little information about what that choice actually means for your body and life afterwards.

Breast surgery can be very invasive and significantly alter your perceptions of yourself, your femininity and openness. 

You can get the answers you need to navigate this journey

When you have a trusted guide, it helps you navigate this new landscape with less confusion, overwhelm, isolation and fear. 

Our Home-care Support Program was designed specifically to provide answers to your most pressing questions, so you can free up brain space for yourself, and your family.

Our goal is to provide you with proven step-by-step process to prepare for a successful surgery, regain your movement and mobility afterwards, manage scar tissue, posture, pain and help you make friends with your new self body-mind-soul.  

"So grateful to be understood"

"I am so grateful to have found this program. Sometimes I play the videos just to feel like there's someone out there who understands what I'm going through.  I can't do everything yet, but I'm hopeful! Like you say, "small gains add up to big gains over time." - S.S.

"Making life easier"

"At first I thought this would be another thing I had to add to my (giant) list of things to do, but I quickly realized this is actually making things MUCH easier for me.  I don't have to figure so much stuff out.  All the resources I need are in one place so they're easier to find. My mind is calmer, and my body feels better.  Thank you so much!" - J.S.  

"Feeling empowered"

"I was really struggling with the choices I had to make. I felt afraid of all my choices.  But since coming across your program I now feel like the way is more clear and I'm empowered to help myself, which gives me hope.  Plus I feel looser and like I can breathe easier." - J.K. 

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Get all your questions answered on what you can do at home before and after breast surgery


Empower your healing journey with active participation as something that is happening WITH you, not as something happening to you.

By embracing resilience from the start, using gentle and mindful exercises supports smooth, speedy, and easier recovery compared to going it alone.

Having a trusted guide ensures comfort, safety, and a faster recovery by navigating pitfalls and averting potential complications.

This 4-part guide, available from the moment of your breast cancer diagnosis, prepares, guides, and empowers you to thrive throughout your surgery journey.

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Interested in supporting just one aspect of your healing journey after breast cancer surgery?

No problem, we've got you covered.

You may be years past your diagnosis and only looking how to manage stubborn scar tissue yourself, or help provide a strong and upright posture.

If getting an individual Part of our Home-care Support Guide is more your style, please scroll below to choose which Part is right for you.

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Preparing for Success; empowering yourself for optimal surgical outcomes

You've got big events in your future, and right now you need things to be as straightforward and streamlined as possible. We get that, so we've created this easy-to-follow 7 video program to help you know exactly what to do to prepare for your upcoming surgery.  

When you start your preparation ahead of time, you're sending signals to your body and mind that you are committed to a positive outcome.  This leads to better surgical results and less chance of complications afterwards. 

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Know when and how it is safe to move again after your surgery

The best rehab is slow and steady, and started right from when you come home from hospital.  Steps should be within your tolerance level, but designed to improve your range of motion in the smoothest manner possible.

Self-care can be started from within bed, on the couch or in the easy chair, whatever you are resting on in your first weeks home after surgery, and then moved to around your house for best results.  

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Get proper guidance on how to do post-op massage yourself, to avoid bruising, pain and risk

Once you've gone through breast surgery, it become vital to manage scar tissue so it doesn't grow out of control or become too restrictive, warm up cold breasts by improving circulation, reduce numbness and regain sensation, and promote healthy lymphatic flow.

When you don't know what to do, it can result in a lot of "digging in there", which can cause bruising, pain and potential de-stabilization of surgical sites.  

Our step-by-step program outlines exactly what to do to give yourself a safe self-massage, so you can feel connected, in tune with and in love with your body.

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Cultivate a strong upright posture so you feel in alignment, reduce wear and tear on your joints and increase stability

After breast surgery, especially with multiple procedures or revisions, you may notice misalignments in your body's posture. One shoulder may be pulled forward, arm rotation may be affected, and your head and core stability may be compromised.

Strategic stretching and strengthening techniques can restore balance and improve your posture, alleviating tension headaches and stiffness. Stand tall and proud with an upright and balanced posture to improve your quality of life.


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