Evidence-based study shows massage therapy reduces post-mastectomy pain

Jul 28, 2021

Effects of Massage Therapy for Post-Surgical Mastectomy Recovery

This evidence-based abstract from the Clinical Journal of Oncological Nursing sites how massage therapy is a viable non-pharmalogical method for pain control after mastectomy surgery.
"This quality improvement pilot study evaluated the effect of massage therapy on pain, anxiety, and overall well-being in women who received mastectomies at a busy hospital practice. Participants reported a significant reduction in pain, stress, and muscle tension, as well as an increase in relaxation. Oncology nurses should consider the feasibility of massage therapy as a valuable nonpharmcologic pain management strategy."

Drackley, Nancy L, PT, MT, NCTMB; Degnim, Amy C, MD; Jakub, James W, MD; Cutshall, Susanne M, RN, CNS; Thomley, Barbara S, BA; et al.Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing; Pittsburgh Vol. 16, Iss. 2, (Apr 2012): 121-4.

If you are a registered massage therapist, and want to find out more about how massage therapy can help your breast surgery patients, look into these CMTBC-approved accredited training programs coming this fall:

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